Car Designer

Just a quick question. When the car designer is released, will there be scenarios like there was in the engine designer? If so, will it be just designing a car to meet certain specifications? Or will you need to do both, develop an engine for the car and design the car to certain specifications?

Yup, we will do scenarios and I’d say they’ll be for designing the engine AND the car

Ok awesome. So excited! :smiley:

Quick hijack - I’ve crawled over most of your posted videos, pre-purchased, played a ton and I’ve got to say it’s an exciting project. That being said, besides the lack of sidedraft/downdraft carb selection (as a separate entity, like SU vs Weber, all you have is twin, single, quad, etc), siamesed heads and opposed intake/exhaust (MANY of the british cars came with their exhaust manifold on the opposite side of the block) I’m very pleased with the sound and accuracy of the Engine Builder. I’ve been able to replicate fairly closely the subtle difference between the sound of a 5-main MGB block and Spitfire 1500 block, which is impressive given that they both came from roughly the same area and are only 300cc different in displacement.

Before I ramble too much, I’d like to get back on topic. Here goes.
Car builder - convertible body style to be added, I’m assuming?
Chance of putting morph targets all over the hood (for power bulges, hood scoops, bug-eye look)? Would need a selection of scoops, and at least 4 targets on the hood - two over the corners for the lights (and round lights available) and two in the middle of the hood (to recess it down - I’m talking about the old Austin, Jag, Triumph, MG etc etc etc type). Just a thought. Don’t want to add TOO much work!


edit I should never type when tired. (tyred? heh.) I meant in-line non-crossflow heads so that the exhaust would be directly below the intake, but yeah, you guys knew what I meant. Good to hear about the convertibles.

Still think more targets along the edges of the hood for mercedes/jaguar/bug-eye type looks, I’ll just have to cross fingers on that one.

Yup, in the interests of keeping our workload managable we’ve left out non-crossflow heads. You can choose between downdraft and sidedraft, but not different sub types, same reason.

Convertibles will be in there, but the roof will remain on as we’re not doing interiors yet.

Morph targets are a case of adding as many different ones as work well.