Car keeps flipping / Issues with understeer

No matter what I do, any car I make in Automation keeps understeering in BeamNG. No matter how much aero, suspension setup and wheel setup.

So to combat this, I have edited the grip of the tires in the car files so they actually act like tires. Problem is, when I’m now trying to turn the car it just flips over. It rolls over sideways. I can kinda understand why it does this but not sure how to combat it.

Anyone know what I can do to fix this? Or at least explain to me how to fix this stupid understeering issue.

Not a Beam forum but I can tell you that you need to spend time in two places with Beam, if you are using a gamepad. First, look at the speed-sensitive steering option. Beam doesn’t have Forza or Gran Tourismo steering with a gamepad, where the faster you go, the less the wheel turns. If you leave it stock, you will literally plow with your wheels, inducing crazy understeer. So, fix that first. I have mine around 19% at 100mph, seems OK. Second, work on the steering gain. Small gamepad movements should make small changes at first, to prevent loss of control.

All of these points of advice are useless for steering wheel drivers. Hope it helps, I was plowing tires for a really long time until I figured these settings out. Go out on the Automation track (the one that’s just free-open space) and see if you can get your steering speed filter settings so it feels better. GL!

Download the Angelo234 modifier.

It brings tire behavior closer to life and increases the quality of Beam modeling, but not completely.
I use a few sets of Static and Sliding, I don’t touch the rest of the parameters, since Beam doesn’t allow you to insert numbers.