Car Mechanic Simulator

Hello !

First I wanna write that we love your Automation game, and we are game developer making Car Mechanic Simulator game (concept name :wink:
We have ofc more arcade approach for all this, but I guess we all here love cars and car mechanics related things.

Check out more if you wish : … ator-2014/

Wish you luck with your game! On Steam also! Fingers crossed!

looks excellent! Any info on a release date and pricing yet?

Really nice project :slight_smile: roll on, and best of luck to you with Greenlight too… it’s a rough place xD

Thats fukin awsome,lol

Hi Guys! Have seen your project around the place before, best of luck with it, the world needs more car nerd games :slight_smile:

I want this game! :smiling_imp: :laughing:


And, remember Gearhead Garage? :smiley:

Totally agree! They don’t even have to be games :laughing:

Looks good!

their site says Q4 2013, so somewhere between oct and dec :slight_smile:

Very interesting…Do you plan on releasing a demo? I would love to try this game out.