Car overall stats result keep changing by doing nothing

im having problem with the automation overall stats result lately, whatever i changing to any tab just to checking something on the tab without changing the setup the overall stats will change a little and the worst part is it make the track test result always inconsistent and make tuning the car pretty confusing. even though the track result only affected by few milliseconds i dont know which result that i can trust even when restarting game i’ve reload the car or restarting the game.

does slow loading affecting this? because after the V12 update my game working slower when it comes to loading especially during track testing loading. but strangely i dont have problem with overall car stats result in last month and only have slow loading problem
GameLog.txt (79.3 KB)

The stat change is a known bug that will be fixed when they change to the unreal engine, killrob talks about the current workaround in this thread.

thanks for the information, hopely the update come soon since i cant focus on tuning

If you understand the underlying issue as described in the linked thread, you CAN fine tune your cars without problems.