Car Total Cost

This might be a dumb question but I’m making a 1946 car and after it’s finished it says the total cost is $7000 :open_mouth: I was just wondering if anyone knows if that is based on todays $$ or if it adjusts to X year as you decrease or increase with the year selector.

All costs are to today’s standards, the year doesn’t change that (yet).
And a price this low is possible, since you have to sell a massproduced car at atleast 2-3x the production costs in order to cover engineering, tooling and factory costs and turn a profit.

I also figure in the production units times about $70 (for my cars, built in the USA). I figured that’s about a decent approximation. Thus, a car with material costs of $7000 and 120 hours for production would end up costing $15,400. I’m not sure what exact profit margins are (they change depending on the car size and prestige, etc), but I usually go with around a 10% profit as a general idea. Thus, about a $17,000 MSRP.

Considering this was for a car I made that was going to be the competitor to the mid-level trim Ford Fiesta, I like my little formula. A supercar I built to compete with the McLaren 12C and Ferrari 458 was comparable both in price and in performance when I applied the formula.