Car with largest engine bay is still is too small?

I was designing platforms the other day and chose the hatch that has 33,000 ci(sorry for standard units don’t know the metric conversion) of engine bay space and built an RB26 I6 to go in it and it wouldn’t fit, I removed the turbo thinking that maybe it was too wide and it still wouldn’t fit lengthwise. My question really is will you be adding models with huge engine bays to accommodate engines that are ludicrous sizes like 496ci I6’s and 662ci V8’s?

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There will be bodies with bigger engine bays.

Are the current ones being checked to see if they have realistic engine bay sizes?

Most of the current models are modern styled cars which are not designed for 1 meter long engines. If you watch the most recent youtube upload killrob shows an older model body they are working on that will take a monster inline engine and im sure there will be many others.