Carbon fibre rims... Appeared?

Hi, I’ve been playing Automation for a while now, and only today did I find out there is a carbon fibre option for rims. It’s never popped up before, and I can’t say what made it be an option, as I was working on… Well, a monster truck. Can someone please tell me what conditions have to be met to get that material?

(And a little bonus question, why can turbo cars only have short cast exhausts?)


CF rims (in sandbox, at least) unlock by year, so it’s probably the same in campaign. As for the exhausts, it’s just “the way it is” for now, but it MAY be changing with a coming update.


Thank you!
I never considered model year for that, as I have it set to ‘2012’ as standard, unless I’m making a replica - while the maximum is 2020.

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