Carburettor scaling

Is there a formula for carburettor size based on the bore? If so, can you tell me what it is? Because I’d like to know what a single 4 barrel in your game is the equivalent to in CFM for a 350 Chevy (bore 101.6)

Why do you need to know the formula when the results are displayed in the game and you know the bore? Yes, it does scale with bore, and the formula does give you the “maximum power” for the setup in question.

I can find the CFM size for many engines and if its much greater than what the game has for the default, then that would suggest going for twin carbs.

I’m disappointed to see no reply.

I think you may be over-complicating things. If you think the single is restricting your power output then switch to a multiple carb system and see what happens.

I understand that you want to build the perfect car but the modelling in Automation is never going to be perfect; the dev team are doing well to reach the level of accuracy they’ve achieved so far! The game also is far from being complete so just slap on dual 4 barrels and don’t sweat the little details, you’ll have less stress and live longer! :smiley:

For all I know Chevy was using a restrictive carb, I know it’s not impossible to recreate their engines with restrictive carbs as I’ve already made recreations of every Chevy small block engine on a production corvette from 1962 to 2005. Going with twin carbs on let’s say the 1970 LT-1 gives me heaps of spare octane to play with which suggests that it’s too free flowing compared to what Chevy was using because normally I have so little to work with that I have to keep the timing really low to prevent knock.

i believe that there was a discussion about restrictin carbs and fuel delivery in general and i believe the conclusion was - can be done with everything else other, then changing the actual size, because you know, it doesn’t really add to gameplay

Oh my gosh I just want to know the formula for carb size, not to add a slider for carb size.

Which comes back to the question of why?
Knowing the formula won’t change how the game simulates the engine

Wow… really? I’ve already answered that question, it’s too bad you’re a selective reader.

I second the question.

Not as I’d use it in anyway, but I’m curious about the game’s internal calculations.