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CARographics - Autoverse History, one car at a time [CLOSED]

CARographics - Autoverse History, one car at a time

A bespectacled, bearded guy in his 30s in a dress shirt with a bow tie appears in front of several well-filled bookcases. He starts to speak slowly and carefully into the camera with an unmistakable Swiss accent.


Gruezi, my name is Dr Simon Pfeifer of the Hetvesian Institute of World History. In the past, history records have focused on important events and people. Today, we are introducing a new focus for recording our history: cars. As cars have become commonplace in our society over the past decades, we believe that such a shift in focus is appropriate to capture important facets of history that otherwise may have gone undocumented.

On this channel, we are looking for short accounts on how certain cars played a key role during events in the history of Gasmea, Archana, Fruinia, Dalluha and of course our own beautiful Hetvesia. We are particularly looking for unique and local events that otherwise might not have made it into the history records.


For your contributions, we therefore kindly ask you to follow these rules:

  1. Write up a short report on an interesting historic event where a particular car played a notable role. Historic events that deserve to be remembered come in all flavours between funny, tragic or simply hilarious. They can have taken place in the realms of politics, industry, science, sports, crime, media, society etc. or were just part of local everyday life. They may have affected a place or even a region to a greater or a lesser extent, or may just be notable or notorious for their peculiarity.
  2. The event needs to have taken place somewhere in the Automationverse (!) world between 1946 and 2020.
  3. The report can be written from a neutral observer’s point of view but it can also give one or more specific persons’ account(s) from their own perspective, and leave the reader to draw their own conclusions.
  4. Illustrate your report with one or more pictures with the car [these can be e.g. Automation photo scenes, shots from BeamNG or even RL photos with your car photoshopped in]. The car should be roughly appropriate for the region and era - but there may also be exceptions to that rule for story purposes, of course.
  5. Feel free to include links where the car model has appeared before in this forum (e.g. as a part of a challenge or a review). This would be then your contribution to keeping track of our own history.
  6. There can be more than one submission per person, but only a single submission per person will be included in the popular vote (see below). Indicate this submission below the headline before the challenge closes. If you have not indicated your preferred submission by that time, I will take the one you posted chronologically first for the poll.

Your focus should be less on grand historical events - there are plenty of records and reports about these already in the Automationverse history books. The map is huge and diverse, so there will be plenty of other interesting things that might have happened on a smaller scale. Some of the map descriptions in the #gameworld Discord channel from earlier this year or in the Cyclist (demo) stage descriptions can give further inspirations. Of course you can also take inspirations from past RL events (or anything else, for that matter).

The focus should also be less on car or engine models but more on specific cars that are interesting. For instance, it may be well known that the Mara Pchla jeeps played a crucial role in the war and that the descendants of its engine powered certain Archanan delivery vans that were popular in Fruinia until the late 1970s - but this is not really interesting from a historic event perspective. If there were a truly memorable event in Fruinia in, say, 1979, however, where such a van played a pivotal role - that could be interesting to write up for this challenge. The background on the car would simply be a short part of the background of the event.

Some inspirations about what the different parts of the Automationverse are like:

Gameworld lore bits from the map reveal on Discord earlier this year


There will be a popular vote after the challenge where everyone can vote on their favourite event and their favourite car. Depending on the number of turnouts, there may also be different categories for the poll. However, this challenge is more for telling a good story around a car than for outright winning.


No need to submit CAR files to anyone or worry about ET, PU, laptimes or drivability scores etc. Instead, worry about imagining an interesting event (and car, or vice versa), crafting a good story around it and posting it here, together with one or more images.

Submission deadline: Saturday, 2021-08-28 AOE (anywhere on Earth)

This challenge is inspired by, among others, Knugcab's Trafikjournalen series on this forum and essentially is a cross between the YT channels The History Guy and Biographics / Geographics / Megaprojects with a dash of Regular Car Reviews (without the fart jokes ofc). So, feel free to also take inspiration from all of these, and others.

Does there exist a comprehensive lore of the Automation world and its countries anywhere? I am aware that there’s bits of information scattered throughout the #game-world channel for specific regions or towns, but I’m not quite sure if this is easily accessible or searchable.

We already know what each country is supposed to represent in terms of economy, culture, climate, etc., and while this is already a good bit of information to go off, I think it would be helpful to have a timeline with really major events provided somewhere so that there’s some kind of foundation we can build off and expand upon. But if the intention is to have a free-for-all “anything goes” kind of deal then I think this is fine too.

Nonetheless, having experienced the worldbuilding and creative writing talent some people here have demonstrated I think this is going to be pretty fun.


I think there is no one-stop stop for all the lore that’s been thrown out there in the past… but I just remembered copying Killrob’s teaser bits during the Discord map reveal, and I haven’t seen those pop up anywhere else. Found them and added them to the original post.

And since we don’t know anything about the grand events in the history, and it’s hard to speculate without any context, I emphasised the local events that wouldn’t make it into any history books anyway.


Ok, the challenge is now open for submissions. Looking forward to your interesting cars and stories!

Ok, closing this challenge for the time being. Maybe it wasn’t the best timing, given the announced delay for LC4.2.

I might try again after everyone will have had their chance to play around with the new turbos and stuff (including the new in-game map) and the dust has generally settled after the LC4.2 release…