Carosserie Michel CHEVALIER

Carrosserie CHEVALIER

About the project

CHEVALIER Carrosserie is a car design company founded in 1949. It’s like Pininfarina or Bertone, but French.
Since I don’t have so much time and skills to make a good technical design, I propose to design or redesign cars for someone else company, or in collaboration with.

I prefer ask people to collab with, but if you think we can do something good, let me know.
The company will focus on coupé, grand coupé, convertible, sports cars in general. But I can also do sedan or SUV (for modern era) if it make sense.
For the prestige of the name, it will mainly be high end trims, but once again, I can do exeptions if I like it.

For those who knows, I spend a large amount of time on my cars, so I’ll accept only 1 project at a time.
CSR or other challenge collab is ok for me.

So why not continu my other companies?
As I said, not so much time to learn and make good technical design, so just making the visual aspect of the car will allow me to have time to post it here and not just on discord, like I usually do.

Let me show you cars I made over time that I haven't posted on forum:

'70 CHEVALIER Vitesse V8 Concept

About the car and some company lore

The Vitesse V8 is a 1970 concept, a flagship design to interest other car manufacturers at the “57ème Salon de l’Auto - Paris, porte de Versailles”.

Only 1 have been produced and it’s today exposed at the CHEVALIER museum, next to the company headquarters.

Michel CHEVALIER was an aluminum car bodyworker, and a designer. The company trend to be ahead of its time, like with this Vitesse V8, which was asymetric. In 1970, it was considered as a UFO.


Chevalier is certainly good enough to warrant its own thread, considering how stunning the Vitesse looks (especially with its asymmetrical headlight arrangement) - but your other brands also deserve their own separate threads, (particularly due to how much content LCV4.2 has received in recent times), so if you are able to make one for any those, go for it!

Unfortunately I have no time to make good technical design for my VF and Olsson cars. They end up being really ba. I just make them fun to drive in beam but they are really terrible at fuel eco, reliability, and things like that…

I also don’t have the time to write story about models and coherence between them, engine family, chassis…

With a design company, it will be easier since most of car I’ll work on already have their own story and company lore.

'93 Sisten Torero "SX" Cabriolet

About the car

The Sisten Torero was a success in the early 90’s. It got the Adventur trim for families and utility, the famous VS4 tuned by Di Inferi for the sports trim, and it finally missed something to complete the range of the model: a convertible coupé.

So the Sisten Torero “SX Cabriolet”, usually called the Sisten SX, is born in 1993! It was fully redesigned by Chevalier. Fully? No, but almost, it got a new front and rear facia, and it only has some parts in common with the Torero, basically most of the side of the car, and indeed the technical parts of the car.

It is equiped with the same engine as the VS4, but N/A. It"s a 1.6L I4 producing 100hp. It’s not really a sports car, but it’s definetly a fun car.

Special thanks to @CorsicaUnknown for sending me his car and letting me working on it.

Here’s the .car for those who want to drive it or see how it’s made : (295.0 KB)


The vehicle is amazing, its clean and 90s design make it look like a very realistic car and a top seller. The 100hp engine back in the day would be a bullet and certainly great style for a cabrio. Great job and good photo technique.


Thanks! The base design from @CorsicaUnknown and @Secrane helped a lot on this one I’m ngl :grin:

I’ll change my objectives for this company a bit, since I have some spare time these days: if someone wants me to design a car for his/her own company, feel free to DM me , and we’ll see what we can do!

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