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Where we at Carrozzieri Albatro share the engines and cars that we produce for our lineup.

This is our latest creation. A 16 litre twin turbo V12, producing 3,535 horsepower. To our knowledge, this is the most powerful engine ever produced on Automation. It is also the largest within the parameters of the game, so it is difficult to find a vehicle to put it in. I have yet to find a suitable body, and I would appreciate it if someone could find one and build a car around this engine.

This thread already exists and it’s called “open source engines” and “open source cars”

I know, but I made this unique for my “company” :slight_smile:.

You should specify the “who is we” then in the first post. Cause as of now it looks like all of the forum users are welcome to post in this thread their cars and engines

Good point. Much obliged.

Also if you intend to post engines for people to use I’d recommend going though all the years and producing a wide variety of engines, since the 3500+hp thing is… well… has no use in any car you can think of.

or boat… or plane or bus. Not even as a generator :laughing:

I already am. I am working on a ten litre variation for this le mans body that I downloaded.

Look around the car sharing forums where people make companies and do crossover builds, the real need is for engines that would actually fit the cars, and could be useful.

I will do that. I appreciate it. I will post the new variation when I perfect it.