Cars merged... ish

I encountered the weirdest thing just now. I’ve made a light sports car (JPA Vuori), with several variants. One of these is a facelift, with some updated stuff on it (FL1). In the file linked below, I’ve added the cars in question. I decided to take a photo (included) of the car and it’s variants alongside a replica ZZW30 MR2 facelift, made on the same mod body. After I did this, for reasons unknown to me, the fixtures of the MR2 replica were copied on to and replaced those of the FL1 Vuori - and only those of the FL1. The other cars were unaffected.

What I mean is the car itself changed, this happened after closing the Photo Scene. Inside the Photo Scene everything was fine.

The file should contain the replica, a non-broken version of the FL1 (both BeamNG, and a broken version (also BeamNG and .car). At least, if I did it right, it SHOULD be broken.

I think I saw an issue like this fixed in a recent patch, but I’m not sure.

Here’s the file:!Algdcn8LtPna5y72KtcIETr2YFWN?e=OPfOVg

If I can help in some way, let me know!