CarView.lua ModelInfo error

Started getting this on cars in sandbox…

Lua Error:

tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–client\functional\CarView.lua…”]:2198: attempt to index field ‘ModelInfo’ (a nil value)

You can CTRL+C on this to report it.


Clicking OK give this screen…

I then have to quit the game and restart it.

If I come off Openbeta then the error is to do with cost calculator and production info and doesn’t load the vehicle.

Any ideas?

Yeah, I’ve been having this problem too (both open beta and stable)

I too have had this error, but mine was confined to old Open Beta cars and a special race van that was custom made for the SGTV16…

I’ve found the source of this error over the last couple of days. Will be fixed in the next hotfix update before the weekend.


Thankyou @zeussy for the really quick fix!!! :heart_eyes:

@zeussy thanks from me too! :thumbsup: