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Vermillion releases R1 Helix supercar- March 2007

Today Vermillion announced its first car, named the R1 Helix at the Geneva Auto Show. The R1 Helix has a supercar style, with a more sportscar type engine. It’s specs were announced also, with a 380 HP 1.6 liter 4-pot engine made by Hinata and modified by Vermillion, that is sure to deliver decent performance, but takes a big leap in styling.

Vermillion has also announced that only 80 cars will be produced and sold. It is only to be sold in Europe and North America. It is very lightweight sportscar, mostly because of it’s carbon fiber based materials. A Six speed manual that is heavily tuned is also available in the car. If your rich and live in Europe and NA than this is probably a good vehicle for you.

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car is made by @BannedByAndroid, all credit goes to him

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What a good model, exotic and looks really fun. I would definitely buy one!

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I Agree, BannedByAndroid suprised me when it came to styling on this one.