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Caswal's Fun Life

So I am currently working in a dichotomy. Looking over each of my shoulders are the beautiful new UE4 versions, on my left @MugenCity working in various UI and engine asset loading, over my right @nortala working on the Car Design and Fixture placement, while I get to push forwards with the new Leicht Campaign code in the existing Engine.

Although it’s not like I don’t play with UE4 here and there. As I am the most experienced coder with C/C++ and build systems, I’ve done all the setup in maintaining our own fork of UE4. Only a couple of small changes for our crazy fixture system, as well as extending/modifier some of UE4’s base UI components.

Also when working with @MugenCity on fixing issues, I get the urge to improve our Blueprint <–> Lua interface.

The Leicht Campaign has been interesting, and has really bought forth issues with how we are using Lua, and is going to require some major rework for the full campaign. LuaJIT has a memory limit due to various reasons, and last week I smashed right through it :muscle: This is an oversight on my part. I never really researched into whether LuaJIT has an upper memory limit, and it’s not really well documented either. There are many conflicting reports on what the limit is. Either way, I have run into it.

Over writing this whole new campaign system back end, waves of doubt have been coming and going; “Am I pushing LuaJIT to cover too much.”, “I’m really doing stuff Lua isn’t really designed for.”, etc.

I guess this has confirmed it, I have a work around for the Leicht Campaign, but the full campaign is going to require quite a bit of change. But gives me a lot of time to do research and systems design. The Leicht campaign is somewhat of a prototype. Allowing us to learn from it, and correct anything before going in on the full campaign.

Well that’s my summary. I almost have all the parts I need to rebuild/restore my Cappuccino. So that’ll be a new side project, with possible LiveStreams for it on the weekend. Twitch has changed their streaming rules allowing Garage/Car work to be Streamed :slight_smile: