Center of gravity

Does the game calculate center of gravity? I seem to be able to hold a higher cornering g with a steel ladder frame and carbon body panels then a carbon monocoque with carbon panels, weight was added to the interior to equal the ladder frame. The suspension and wheel settings are the same on each. Just seemed odd because the monocoque should be stiffer, so the only thing I could think of was due to the frame being so low and heavy and the cabin bring so light that must be the difference.

Yes, the height of the center of gravity is calculated and probably lower for the ladder chassis than for the monocoque. Interior is at a higher point as the chassis which means that you raised the height of the center of gravity by putting in more interior.

The stiffness of the chassis is not going into the cornering calculations but you will gain sportiness and comfort due to a stiffer chassis.

Okay cool so I didn’t go crazy. I’m loving all this calculation detail work way to go devs.