Centro Stile Betta S.p.A (Open to Design Requests)

Centro Stile Betta, the Betta Design Centre. Established in 1975 as “Piningiaro S.p.A”, fully taken over by Betta Automobiles in 1986 and a subsidiary of the parent company since. Its designs are full of “Passion, Agression and with Attention to Detail”. Open on help or design requests.

Examples of Betta’s work :

Betta Anagenisis Concept :

Betta Stinger Concept :

Betta Ottica Concept :

Betta Rossanegra Concept :

Betta Selini Concept :

Betta Paleosis Concept :

Betta Prestige Concept :

Erin Visto CSB Edition (Designed by Betta)

Galt Communitasia MKII Tetrad CSB Edition (Designed and tuned by Betta)

Betta SportVeloce Concept

Betta Cammello Concept

Betta Dodici Concept

1999 Betta Sealine

2016 Betta Lagunna

2016 Betta Lagunna E-tron Concept

2016 Betta Romeo

2016 Betta Cayelle


Damn, this is some seriously nice stuff. Really love the front end of the the Anagensis, perfect amount of chrome!


The whole range is just so tempting… I want full mechanical specs on each of these models!

And now that I’ve found out about the engines used in some of these cars, I really appreciate the staggering economy figures you have attained!


Thanks man :slight_smile:


Woah, good ones!

Why have you put polish plates? :smiley:

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Hehe :wink: These are mainly design concepts, not all of these cars are fully working and optimized - mostly using a placeholder engine and settings, all just to design the car :wink:

The Anagenisis though, that one was powered by a 1.4 5-Valve Turbo-6 achieving 4.35L/100km while being a premium sedan with a premium interior etc, while the Stinger is powered by the same unit, only having a VVL 4-Valve head instead and bring out more horsepower while sacrificing very little torque and eco


Thanks man :slight_smile:
The closest I’ve got to European plates, Betta is a european company with european design philosophies afterall :smiley:



Prepare for demonic power of akcyza and podatki :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Mind translating that? haha :smiley:

excise and taxes

Oh haha :wink: The Anagenisis and Stinger should be good to go, under 5L/100km and 1.4L engine :smiley:

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Yeah :smiley:
But it’s set up to rise in this year drastically so importing would be difficult and maybe people will stop importing working wrecks :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah that’s bad. here in greece, all cars registered until 2010 have to pay based on the engine size, and engines over 1.9L are a huge no-no, while engines after that pay based on Co2 emissions and in general pay less. But why pay 600 euro for a 1988 bmw 320i but pay no money for a brand new bmw i3? stupid laws

Actually you pay probably for everything due to fact that Greece’s budget is in ruin and you have massive refugee waves.

But maybe let’s not create unnecessary offtopic?


Well things have been going downhill here since the mid 00’s anyway. The refugees sure are a big problem but it ain’t the biggest and definitely not what caused this mess.

Bit more on-topic : the best engine capacity (tax-wise) for a car before 2010 would be 1357cc or under. Just 135 euro yearly.

you are lucky in Australia it is the amount of cylinders. so a 4 banger costs $328.90 AUD per six months a 6 is $492.30 AUD per six months and v8/rotary is $669.80 AUD per six months and that does not include insurance

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Really? Shows how much attention I pay to my rego.

yep my xr8 costs more to register than to keep insured…$1200 per year rego $750 per year comprehensive insurance. and about $4000-$5000 per year in fuel. But its the last of the falcons and I’d be damned if I wasn’t buying one, however I leave for France in 2 months and I still haven’t even looked at how to import the sprint let alone if I can drive it on European roads

Odd. My BA XR6 is under $800 for the year. My ED V8 used to be about the same. Anyways, no more from me.


Yeah it changed two years ago and i am in qld so maybe diff to where u r. Anyway sorry for getting off topic nice choice on colour btw thats what my ba was too good old phantom