Challenge Car Consultancy Cthread

so this idea came up on the discord for a thread to post WIP cars, and have others check them over, basically a place to brainstorm and leave feedback.


Yeah, if anyone wants their car a check over for challenges. You can PM me the .car file and the thread for what challenge it’s going to be for. If I don’t have anything going on I’ll probably have a look.

I will not make a promise that I’ll look at absolutely every single car sent my way (in case there’s way too many) but I’ll try my best. I would also prefer you doing it via here in Discourse and not Discord.

You can specify which bits you’re having doubts with e.g. suspension, turbo tuning, etc. or just a general look over.

Why would you want me to check your car? Take a peek at my TMCC18 entry. Check the spreadsheet and you’ll find it’s a fantastic stats car but the styling is not great because I don’t have the time to make intricate design anymore. (And also because I’m incompetent but let’s not dwell on that).

If anybody else wish to be a consultant I guess they can make a statement of intent like this one as well.

And as kobacrashi pointed out in Discord, due to usual challenges rule, I will not be fixing the car directly. Just pointing out what I see as an issue. Unless it was already submitted and you’re retrospectively wanting to know what could be improved.


This will absolutely not be trolled in any way whatsoever.