Chang Heavy Industries (NEO)

Chang Heavy Industries started out as a universal engine and spare parts maker for any moving vehicle in Japan, 1908, headed by the Chinese descent-Japanese Chang Conglomerate Family. in 1928 the company was restructured and re-organized as Chang Automobile Incorporated and soon became one of the major manufacturer of car engine and spare parts for the masses and in the event of WW II, became one of the producer of the army military jeeps mainly medics and evacuation vehicles.

By the end of WW II, because of the global economic slump and instability of the company, in 1946 Chang Automotive Incorporated divide itself into several smaller companies trying to stabilize and preventing the company to go bankrupt. These smaller companies are still owned by the big Chang Conglomerate Family, just under the management of different CEOs instead of one big head like before.

in the year of 1956 when the economy is starting to stabilize, the surviving companies under the Chang Conglomerate Family decided to merge back to form back Chang Heavy Industries under one leadership, these companies were Chang Ironworks ltd., a coachbuilder and chassis manufacturer, Chang Octaneworks Inc., a race car builder and a tuning house, Spitz Cycling Industry, a scooter and small bike manufacturer, Chang Motoring inc., an engine and suspension manufacturer, and the Chang Incorporated, a contractor and trading company.

the CEO of Chang Heavy Industries at the time, wanted the new company to be involved in car manufacturing, as it is the main obsession of Chang Conglomerate Family since the old days, and soon the newly established company began planning to building a car under the branding NEO, or Never Ending Obsession for short, in the hope that the future generations of the company will continue to inherit this obsession and keep striving for better cars infinitely.

the logo of NEO itself came from the hope of the Chang Heavy Industries as a whole to infinitely continue to strive for better cars and future of motoring.

well remade the company and lore for it, since i lost everything after opt. in open beta, so to make a better complete lore, and starting fresh after hiatus of a year i decided to completely scrap the old car company and design, well some of it at least, so here it is, a new company, well the cars are still under construction though, will fill this out soon (maybe, hopefully)

The Galaxy GT would have been eligible for period Group A competition in touring car and rally racing back in the day; however, its front-end styling (particularly the headlights) seems a decade and a half too new for the era in my view. After all, back in 1990, nobody had ever imagined the very idea of daytime running lights (which the Galaxy appears to have), let alone such a design element incorporating LEDs.

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You have somehow seen fit to do a complete rethink of GMD lore, which is a good thing considering how quickly older builds get obsoleted nowadays. By the way, where on Earth is this company based?