There is something wrong with the emissions and catalitic converters in scenarios. there are a few where you need a cat to reduce emissions and it’s not there. also, the emission values are off the chart. is it me or the build needs tweaking?
I have another question: what happend to the flywheel and cam timing?

Other than this it seems great. way better that the old version. engines produce torque more realistically and respond to tuning more like real life. Great job!

In those scenarios, you need to change leaded fuel to unleaded fuel.

i know; it changes emissions from 1450 to 1390 and i need 400 or something like that

Just tried the revamped version of “Spinning Faster”, and I can confirm that there is a bug. Even after selecting an unleaded fuel, even after cycling through all the fuel grades (yes, even the leaded ones) before landing back on Regular Unleaded, cats are NOT selectable.

EDIT: Oh dear, I’ve been hit with a bug where cats are NOT selectable AT ALL (yes, I’ve selected an unleaded fuel), and loading an engine that had cats on it causes a lockup.

Yup, fix incoming for this in the next few hours :slight_smile: