Changing the export target folder

I recently changed my user-folder location for Beam.NG and now when I export a car through automation it still goes to the old beam folder. I don’t seem to find where I can change this setting.

Any tips?

Which file did you change? The file that Automation reads is the startup.ini in the BeamNG Steam base folder. I think this file no longer is used by BeamNG itself.

I did not change any file directly. I changed my user folder location through the beam.NG launcher.

If the startup.ini is no longer used by beam, then it makes sense that it did not update the target location. I will try to see later today if I can find that file and manually adjust that parameter. Thanks

Yes, the path at the .ini was still empty(default)

I set it to my new user folder and now the exports from automation go to the right place.