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Hi, welcome to my new lore company…
Charge Motors was founded in 1928, by 2 brothers who built small trucks and tractors in Ferndale, Washington. They started making cars based off the light truck frames in the late 30’s, and released their 1st true car in 1945 after the war ended. Charge has continued making cars to this day, and has a relatively strong lineup ranging from small city cars up to full-sized trucks.
Subcompact- Aeon
Compact- Combine
Midsize- Patron
Fullsize/luxury- Champion
Sports- Cisco
Muscle- Pounder
Crossover- Tarragon
SUV- Reacher
Fullsize truck- Unit

I will update this thread with new cars/facelifts, or simply post cars from this history of the company.
Here is my 1st, the 2018-Present Charge Unit.


The unit is a large truck, which started production in 2018. It sells decently, and ranges from a basic V6 model all the way up to a 5.3 V8. All models feature a chassis built from corrosion resistant steel, McPherson strut front suspension and solid axle rear. The starting price for the truck is $27500.



Built for builders and craftsmen, this is the most rough and ready truck in the range. It features plastic cladding, bumpers and steel wheels for maximum durability and minimum price. The truck features a 252BHP 3.8L V6 and a 6 speed advanced automatic gearbox. It is RWD. This model costs $27500



The classic is a more premium styled truck. It features alloy wheels and uprated interior compared to the WorkForce. The buyer can also choose from a bigger pallete of colours, as opposed to the simple black, white or gray of the previous model. Body coloured pieces make this truck perfect for a casual user, who just wants a truck to daily drive and carry some light gear, and maybe tow a trailer. It is not built for offroad as it is RWD as well. This trim would cost $30700



This is the 1st trim in the lineup which is equipped with the “Heavy duty” pack. This includes an extended cab and 324BHP 5.3 OHC V8 engine. The premium trim has chrome bumpers and fascia, as well as premium interior and radio. The Extended cab allows up to 5 passengers rather than 2 as in the short cab versions. As this truck is not off road focussed, it loses the manual locker for a more smooth LSD, paired to a 4 wheel drive system. The buyer gains access to the full roster of colours, and can choose a beautiful metallic colour free of charge. This truck would cost $41000.

Tow package


This trim is very similar to the premium, except its more utility focussed. This trim gains tow mirrors, restores the locking diff, this time with 4 wheel drive, shortens the gear ratios and adds the tow hitch for free. This truck would cost $40400.



The current king of the Unit range is the CPD pro. Focussing more on offroad and driving experience than the 2 previous models, this car gains sports interior, offroad wheels and tires and suspension tuned by CPD, the Charge Performance Divison. The car has a more sporty appearance, with 4X4 logos and body coloured bumpers. Another big feature is the 7 speed DCT gearbox, which enhances performance and driving fun. This truck would cost $41200

However, there are 2 new trims of this truck in the making, spyshots have revealed a SUV version as well as another offroad performance version.


It’s definitely very RAM-inspired, but that works well with chrome bumper trims. It’s also nice to see tailights that aren’t just squares on a truck, but ironically, they feel a bit 2-dimensional. (In some shots, the pic at the top does it more justice.) Good work, for sure. :+1:

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It was the start of the mid 80’s, and Charge was not having a good time. The fullsize models were getting old and not fuel efficient, and even the very popular trucks couldnt sustain the company on their own. Excecutives saw that Japanese cars were also selling better now than ever before. The result? charge hired japanese designers to produce a new compact sedan. This car, although it looks japanese, is quite american underneath keeping the then popular RWD layout and a 1.8L i4, which was the only engine size avaliable, and was quite large for a car of this weight. The combine sold moderately well, and gave Charge some more money to play with whilst producing the upcoming Fullsize and midsize cars.



This was the most basic and cheap model, with plastic bumpers and steelies. The interoir was not too bad, it came with standard seats and a radio. thie car had a 4 speed manual allowing a top speed of just over 100 MPH. It used a single barrel eco carb, as like most budget cars of the time. This trim cost $12100. it was also availiable in wagon form, adding an extra rear seat



The GL was a step up above the base. It added plastic hubcaps, a standard radio instead of basic, more finely tuned and high quality suspension. the biggest improvement was the use of SPEFI as opposed to carbs. it kept most of the same stuff though, only increasing the price up to $13300. Also avaliable as wagon.



The GL+ was essentially a wagon replacement of the GT sedan. It added body coloured parts, more attractive wheels and a 4 speed auto ontop of the GL wagon. it kept the same interior and engine. It would cost $13900



The GT was a light sport model. It added a 94BHP upgraded engine, a 5 speed manual. Parts like a spoiler and 5 spoke wheels, hakka foglights and a front lip make this car look the part. Due to its RWD setup and reasonably powerful and economic engine, this was a very very popular 1st car and now makes a great budget drift car. this car would cost $14100



This is the model we all know and love. Equipped with iconic red striped trim and a turbocharged 1.8, this car was a monster on the road. It was a request of the cheif japanese designer, to add a high performance, rally oriented trim. This car was very adavanced in 1984, including an AWD system and turbochargers, knocking 152BHP out of the 1.8. A bigger front lip and basketweave wheels created the sporty look of this trim. This trim costs $19200


In top-spec ZXR Turbo trim it would have made a great Group A homologation special. Considering that AWD with transversely mounted engines isn’t available until 1990, giving the original Combine a longitudinally mounted engine makes perfect sense.

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here is the 2nd of the new cars i promised, the brand spanking tarragon crossover! I realised my old cars didnt have realistic “brochures” so this should be better

suspension Specs:
MacPherson strut front, multilink rear
AWD and FWD are both available

engine specs: 2 options:

1.6 DiT turbo petrol i4, DOHC 4 Valve, AlSi block and head.

1.8 AirForce NA petrol i4, DOHC 4 valve, AlSi block, aluminum head.

6 speed manual
6 speed advanced auto

Steel wheels, basic radio, standard interior, geared LSD, manual availiable, auto availiable as option.
Locked to FWD with 1.8 AirForce i4. starting from $23500

sports alloy wheels, lowered suspension, dual tip exhaust, standard radio and interior, geared LSD, manual availiable, auto availiable as option.
Locked to 1.6 DiT turbo i4, both FWD and AWD availiable
starting from $25800 for FWD, $28800 for AWD

Offroad wheels and tires, skidplate, automatic gearbox standard, progressive springs, sunroof
Locked to 1.6 DiT i4 and AWD
starting from $29400

Premium infotainment, premium alloy wheels, sunroof, progressive springs, electric LSD, automatic gearbox standard
Locked to 1.6 DiT i4 and AWD
Starting from $36000



In the early 70’s, Charge jumped on the land yacht trend by revamping their luxury coupe from the late 60’s. Although the car lost its athletic shape and reasonable driving experience, this new car was big and extremely plush inside, allowing it to sell very well for such a vehicle. 4 trims and 2 body styles were offered.
Also, with power steering and all round discs it was quite high tech for the time, despite its big and inneficeint pushrod 7.2 V8.
This was the most “basic” model, with premium interior, premium AM radio, front bench and 2 rear seats. It used the 7.2 Charge V8 engine producing 199BHP and 452nm of torque. This cost $16700.

This was the most “basic” model of the 4 door trim, with premium interior, premium AM radio, front bench and rear bench seats. The sedan trim added a Coloured vinyl covered roof. It used the 7.2 Charge V8 engine producing 199BHP and 452nm of torque. This cost $17100.
This was the most luxury coupe model, with luxury interior, premium 8 track, front bench and 2 rear seats. It used the 7.2 Charge V8 engine producing 199BHP and 452nm of torque. This cost $20300

This was the most luxury 4 door model, with luxury interior, premium 8 track, front bench and rear bench seats and vinyl roof. It used the 7.2 Charge V8 engine producing 199BHP and 452nm of torque. This cost $20900.


images of up
50’s America, the time of some of the best looking cars on the planet. In 1952, Charge sold the Grande Rapier, a body on frame car powered by a V8 with selectable body styles. It was a competetive car at the time.
It came in 2 “sub models”, each with a choice of 3 bodystyles.
Chassis: Steel panels, Steel ladder chassis, front double wishbone, rear solid axle coil.
Engine: 4341cc 90 degree pushrod V8, cast iron blocks and head.
136BHP at 3900RPM, 283NM torque at 2500RPM.
2 speed automatic gearbox.
Fleet Sedan:
A basic 4 door model, with standard interior and AM radio, bench seats and Advanced 40’s safety. This trim would cost $13700

Fleet fastback:
A basic 2 door fastback model, with standard interior and AM radio, bench seats in the front, 2 rear seats and Advanced 40’s safety. This trim would cost $13700

Fleet wagon:
A basic station wagon model, with standard interior and AM radio, bench seats in the front, middle and rear and Advanced 40’s safety. This trim would cost $14200

Custom sedan:
An uprated 4 door sedan, now featuring premium interior and AM radio, painted wheels and custom badging. This trim costed $14800

Custom fastback:
An uprated 2 door fastback, now featuring premium interior and AM radio, 2 full rear seats, painted wheels and custom badging. This trim costed $14800

Custom wagon:
An uprated 4 door station wagon, now featuring premium interior and AM radio, 3 rows of benches and painted wheels. This trim costed $15500

Fastback stock car: a stripped fastback with a manual transmission and a 176 BHP tune from the stock engine. This specific one was used by Curtis Oldfield and owned by a Ferndale Co Charge dealership.

Restomod: A one off build, based off a scrap worthy Fleet sedan. The car was welded back into useable condition and all the dull and damaged chrome was replaced by new carbon fibre parts. Although a V8 was planned, nothing modern fitted into the small engine bay so a 3.2 Turbo i6 chucking out 416BHP. Because of modern suspenion, tires, differential and a 6 speed manual, this car is a very nice track package. It was commissioned by charge to be auctioned off for charity,


This compact sedan, launched in 1956, was built with a brand new 2.8L engine and driveline. It was an attempt to make american sedans cheaper and easier to the average family, who could use this as a daily driver or a commuter to reduce fuel costs. It came in 2 bodys, wagon and sedan. (update later with more trims)


This coupe-only car was meant to be a cruiser for the middle class, with premium interior and radio. It used a 4.3l V8 engine, originally from 1953, tuned up to add a little extra performance to the car. (update later for more trims)


The 4th gen of CBT branded trucks was built during the time of 2 tone, luxury charges with iconic bumpers and chrome stripping, so this truck looked more luxury than it may have. With a 4.3 V8 from 1953 and all round leaf springs, the HD400 models could almost carry their own weight and were built for crafts men and farmers who wanted to tow a lot while still looking the part. (update later for more trims)


I really like the styling on your older cars, looks very… Chrome-y is the best word I can use to describe it.


This is a fullsize muscle car produced on the same platform from 1968 until the mid 70s.
engine: 336CUI (5.5l) “Hellfire” V8- 192.9 BHP 372.6 NM. 3 gear auto
body: hardtop coupe

engine: 415CUI (6.8l) “GSX” V8- 238.5 BHP 453.7 NM. 3 gear auto
body: hardtop coupe

engine: 415CUI (6.8l) “GSX” V8- 296.1 BHP 515.2 NM. 4 gear manual
body: pillarless hardtop

engine: 415CUI (6.8l) “GSX” V8- 238.5 BHP 453.7 NM. 3 gear auto
body: hardtop coupe

More trims - especially race ones - will be added after i switch to ob.


The Elba is a looker in any trim, especially in top-shelf GSX spec, and has the muscle to match its style. It wouldn’t be out of place in Driver: San Francisco, to be honest - I could imagine John Tanner and Tobias Jones dreaming about driving a GSX to hunt down Charles Jericho and his henchmen (and possibly even doing it for real).


(credits to BRADDERZ for poster and some photos)

The 1990-1993 Charge Reacher is a huge step forward in the SUV game, with fuel injected, 6 cylinder power and 4 wheel drive as standard as well as unrivalled comfort and utility. There are multiple trims available for every need.


This model is for people who want a Full-Fat SUV without the expenses. A thrifty 3.0 137hp V6 and 4 speed manual gearbox, coupled to a trusty 4wd system gives users all the benefits of a full size 4x4 with the running costs of a smaller sedan.


The GL model is a step up from the base on the inside and out, giving the owner access to a higher spec cassette player and seats. Under the bonnet, there lies a 173hp 3.8L putting power down through a modern 4 speed automatic, making the driving experience even better while retaining great trail capability.


Boasting factory 2 tone paint, stylish pinstripe, premium wheels and factory roof rack, the GLX is a good pick for a fashionable user. The interior and running gear stay the same as the GL model, however an upgraded differential is fitted for a smoother driving experience and easier use.

GLX Limited

With a premium Cassette player and seats, a 184hp tuned 3.8l V6, chrome wheels and body coloured trim, the GLX Limited raises the bar for affordable luxury SUVs. This vehicle is at home both in the back country and in the office car park with its suave appearance and well-appointed specification.

Sport Limited

With a sporty, exciting exterior and the same luxuries of the GLX Limited to boot, the Sport Limited would make an ideal family car for adventuring, or equally a daily driver for a young professional.

Spokane Special

The Spokane Special is the apex predator of the Reacher lineup, and the pinnacle of Luxury sports utility vehicles. Featuring a 200hp 309cu V8 from standard, a luxurious leather interior, even including a CD player and wood panelling.


That’s nice!

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