Charlotte Motor Speedway (aka Lowe's Motor Speedway)

So, since I used this track for an illustration in the Track Editor Thread, I figured I would go ahead and do the tweaking so it ran better.

Actual Track Info: Charlotte Speedway Facts

This is a 193mph (track record), 1.5-mile (2414m) Quad-Oval NASCAR Speedway. NASCAR completes a lap in a blistering 25s! I achieved ~140 mph using a ~500hp engine in a ~3250 lb car, but I’m no tuner. Technically there are 4 turns plus 2 bends on the front straight.

For simplicity, the track included here is 2 large turns and 2 small turns on the front straight. My laptime was 113.12 (55.06 flying lap) with a 1.2g @ 87.2km/h. Now obviously this is nowhere near the 3+ g’s they pull out in NASCAR. I know a few of you can build an actual NASCAR (no names mentioned), so give it a go!

Charlotte Motor (1.04 MB)

For reference on the curves, it started out at this (double lap version loaded into Track Editor):

lol I know a challenge when I see one. I’ve always wanted to see how my rockets stacked up! I’m impressed that those cars can pull 3+g with barely any, um, engineering :stuck_out_tongue:

The sad truth is that the maximum corner G rating the simulation can handle is 2.04g@113.8km/h. Any more than that and the game breaks :frowning:

So while I can reach the 193mph speed on the straights (while pulling 2.04g on the bends), I lose a hell of a lot in the corners. So I can only get my cars into about the 35s zone.

There were two who immediately came to mind when I said that. You were DEFINITELY one of them! :wink: