Chassis Cost?

Will there be a chassis cost in dollars/pounds/euros? If so, when can we expect this to come out in a release?

After the tycoon part I guess we will have the currencies. But I remember somewhere a while ago the devs said they wanted to have their own currency like it is now. I personally would prefer Euros Dollars, pounds and yens, but coming from where the game is in history, you would first have to do Marks, Peseta’s, Francs etc, until the Euro comes.

Things will be denoted in money-units for a while until we either decide to go with proper currency markets or keep it simple. The “dollars” you are seeing for the engines are of course not dollars either… I don’t think many people would have bought a “budget car” in the 1950s with a $1500 production cost engine :wink:

I still think the game should spend Automolians :slight_smile:
One thing I hope to see though is a single “company currency” whatever that may be. So we can avoid a situation like a car being built in the UK costed in £ but then having to work out how much to price in dollars, marks, francs, or whatever make a profit on those regions.

I actually meant to say I would prefer something like one global currency for the game too, like Automolians. This way its clear to everyone at once.

I think leaving it at Dollars, and then adjusting prices regionally, based upon the International Dollar.

The problem with having a global currency is that you can’t compare the costs with those in real life. I’m sure I stumbled across a historic currency converter at one point, so it is possible to implement most world currencies into the game

A currency system would have to be so flexible that it can be randomized for a randomized-world campaign playthrough too :slight_smile: