Chassis Variety

Have you thought about different sized chassis for bigger vehicles such as SUVs and people carriers or smaller chassis for cool quirky city cars?
would love to see some variety in the car designer when released for demo and the full version for pre-ordered

Yes we have :slight_smile: of course there will be a pretty wide range of different chassis - including the ones you mention.

what about light trucks?

Probably not, we’ve already got a hell of a lot of work even without trucks.

Willl it be pick-ups, and as, mentioned over suv, with 4*4 wheel drive?

I’m guessing that the Ute class will be in the game, since one or more of you are from DownUnder. :slight_smile:

For Americans, this is El Camino style cars.

Yup, utes will be there (e.g Ford Falcon Ute) as will pickups (e.g Ford F150) but light trucks won’t (e.g Mitsubishi Canter)

What about light trucks and trucks as DLC? :open_mouth:

How about focusing on what actually matters first? :stuck_out_tongue:

Like being able to design cars at all, and actually run a company? Yeah :smiley: