Cinematics are Breaking Down

This is not exactly a high priority feature or issue for fixing, but it is one of the bells and whistles that the community play with quite a bit so it may be worth some attention.

  • Some of the cinematic shots are no longer in focus, and I don’t mean just “depth of field for maximum cinematic effect”, I mean, “the entire shot is a blur”. The bonnet shot and the tailgate of “points of interest” are the worst affected.

  • “Most Gear” plays at 4 times the usual speed until the last shot

  • I’m not sure how the render to disk feature actually renders (awesome feature btw, way better than loading up FRAPS) but unfortunately when editing the animatics they corrupt really easily and the project can’t be salvaged (the file remains fine). This may be a Movie Maker thing (yes I should stop using Movie Maker) and I’d be interested to see if anybody else has an issue in other software.

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After effects crashed when I tried stitching together some animatics almost every time I used them. I assumed it was after effects but maybe not if other people are having the same issues.

Using Vegas it worked fine

Not sure about the last one, because I’ve never had that issue in Premiere Pro… Hell I even used a mobile app once and it was fine.
The other two, yeah.

Just tried video editing with screengrabs taken directly with FRAPS instead of the in-game render button.

Strangely enough after about 10 minutes of editing, all the clips corrupted again!

The clips themselves play fine when loaded externally but they are allergic to video editing. How does that happen???

Try downloading latest encoder packs?

That wouldn’t explain why the videos edit fine for the first few minutes before suddenly corrupting. AFAIK if it was a codec issue I wouldn’t be able to open the files at all.

Furthermore I can export edited videos until the imported files corrupt.

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That’s just weird tbh. I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before. Perhaps a storage issue? Any chance of your HDD dying?

I don’t think this is an issue just on my end by the sounds of other responses.

Also I bloody well hope that it isn’t my HDDs dying I only built this PC earlier this year and all the SSDs were brand new :joy: