Class 6 Baja Competition (Automation /

Welcome to my first community challenge! For this I was wanting to try something I have yet to see be done in a challenge. A Class 6 Baja competition! This competition has a few different parts to it & I would like to try and make it as clear as possible but feel free to reply with any questions.

For this competition you will be :

  • Creating a factory version of your baja racer - Class 6 was all about taking what you could find for a car & making it as capable as you could in a baja stage. We want to see where you started! This vehicle can be anything from a single cab pickup to a 4-door luxury sedan to a muscle car, the choice is completely up to you and how you would like to approach it.

  • Creating the actual “race car” - this vehicle should share most all attributes with the factory car (think of this as a variant, chassis material, engine location, suspension type, engine type & materials including bore & stroke should all remain the same. In addition one vehicle should closely resemble the other. the actual limitations will be listed in an orderly fashion below. beyond that you can make just about any visual & mechanical changes to the race variant to optimize it for intense off-road racing.

  • Racing said vehicle - This competition is listed as a joint Automation / competition. This means that there will be a timed race event included in the competition - at this time I would like to see the automation track time under the “test” section of Automation as well as your best two lap time on “The Big 8” track in the Derby Arena of

Design Rules & Scoring :

Vehicle Rules

  • min weight of 1800lbs - max weight of 3000lbs (race vehicle only)
  • all mods are permitted (try and list what you used if you did)
  • vehicles can fall anywhere from 1985 & 2020 - vehicle & engine should match
  • vehicles can only have 4 wheels
  • vehicles can have any engine placement
  • vehicles can have any drive layout
  • vehicles must be using offroad / utility (A/T) tires (race vehicle only)
  • vehicles must have an offroad skid tray (race vehicle only)
  • if using open alpha - no more than +5 additional wheel offset
  • maximum quality slider of 5 in either direction
  • vehicle must have 2 seats & the maximum available safety features (race vehicle only)
  • modeled interiors are not required - but feel free to include if you’re interested
  • maximum total vehicle price of $250,000
  • chassis material, panel material, engine layout, suspension type, engine type, block / head material & bore & stroke should be common between both variants

Engine Rules

  • maximum displacement of 6.5L
  • engines can have any layout (except V16)
  • 100 octane fuel max - (race vehicle only)
  • no torque limitations will be set
  • turbo or NA is permitted
  • HP output is as follows (race vehicle only)
    • 1800lbs to 2400lbs - max of 700HP
    • 2401lbs to 3000lbs - max of 900HP
  • all engines must have a catalytic converter - no mufflers required
  • maximum quality slider of 5 in either direction

Judging Parameters

  • Appearance worth 20 points total (2 judges capable of giving 10 points each)
  • Fastest Automation test run worth 10 points (next 10 fastest earn 1 less point in order)
  • “Big 8” - 2 lap best time worth 20 points (next 10 fastest earn 1.5 less point in order)
  • Complete interiors earn a bonus 5 points
  • “Best in Show” selected by forum earn a bonus 5 points
    Total Available Points = 60

The Variant name for the race trim must be (Class 6 22’) - there is only a need to submit the race variant as a .car file - if cheating becomes a problem both models will be required to be submitted.

competitors should submit :

  • .car file for race variant
  • screen shot of automation test track time (test run not
  • screen shot of best 2 laps continuous on “The Big 8” in (if you dont have feel free to compete but know you will be forfeiting those points)
  • screen shot of vehicle spec page showing weight
  • screen shot of engine spec page
  • at least 3 images of factory variant with the race variant, feel free to submit as many as you would like

contest will close for judging October 31’st
Happy building! if there are any questions or if there is anything that anybody feels needs to be changed feel free to let me know - call me out!

I think this refers to ultimate unleaded.
Also, the tuned fuel type should be 100 octane - no more, no less.

I’d reccomed changing this to “trim year can fall anywhere from 1985-2020 - trim and variant year must match. Model and family years can be anything.” for clarity. Though, if it were me, I would have 2020 as a strict trim/variant year.

Maybe have a look here: Score International Off Road Racing

Class 6 was introduced in 2009 and limits engines to 6 cylinders and track width to 87" (2.2m) as measured outside of tire to outside of tire. Not sure how the latter translates to Automation with the track width from the body, the tyre width and the tyre offset.

I know its not the same rules as class 6 - its more about the spirit of it I guess, same as how there have been all kinds of GT3 related challenges that follow little to no rules from actual GT3 on here