Classic Endurance Challange | Rule Making | Season 1

[size=200]***Welcome to the Classic Endurance Challange! ***[/size]
We are currently making the rules for season 1 so if there is a rule you want me to add or change, speak out!
There will be 2 classes:[/size]

[size=200]***Touring Classics:***[/size]

[size=200]***GT Classics:***[/size]

Accepted Entries:

Denied Entries:

[size=150]***SEASON 1 CALENDER:***[/size]


[size=150]***TRACK CALCULATIONS:***[/size]
Speedemon’s Simple Track Calculations - In development

Speedemon’s Simple Track Calculations is an on track calculator for automation challanges. Feel free to use the document (In Development) in your car challenges.

More is to be added in the future.

Before we go on, there is one difficult question that must be asked…

…whatever happened to this?

Due to the new updates I could not go any further for a while. I will try to get all the problems sorted out, but for now that will be on hold.

EDIT: And with my new track calculations on the way, it will become even more exiting!

Yes. I have the perfect GT Classic car!

Hehe, I might put a car just for the sake of it, maybe the lightness will help out

What do you mean with that: The engine must be the original engine used in your car?

same engine family as the unmodified car

Which is the difference between Touring and GT?


same engine family as the unmodified car[/quote]

unmodified cars? There is nothing in the rules about unmodified car. Or am I missing something?

Let’s say you created a car that is from somewhere around 1950. You could make a trim of that car in 2016 that follow the challenge rules.

I can provide engines of needed I have a 600+ HP v12 that is legal to use in racecar trim

no injection systems… ehhh???

even plug and play self-learning single point fuel injection?

that is like the easiest fuel delivery upgrade…

also. can we change the head/valvetrain?

found a bug… no matter how bad… you just can’t get 0.81km/l that easily
found another bug… my v8 is read as v6