Cloning Trim and Variant

Greetings ACT team,

As the title suggests, my issue is connected to cloning the trim and variant of a vehicle. When I did that in the past and renamed the car, I was able to use the duplicate to change the basics of the vehicle, like panel materials, chassis type and materials, suspension architecture etc. If I try that now, renaming the clone will by default change the name of the original as well, and keep those options locked.
Will this be changed? This does put a cap to lots of creative ideas for me :slight_smile:

This issue relates to sandbox play.

This is unlikely to be changed, as it should work that way. I don’t know how distant past you’re writing about, but I don’t recall it working differently.

What you need for that effect is cloning the model, not trim, and also the engine family, not variant, if you want to change the basics of the engine on the clone only. Those things are separate for reasons, and I’d say this is one of them :wink:

These are the only options I am given. What am I doing wrong?

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Just realized it is still possible from the list view menu.