Codename Indistinct IV (Open Sep 25th)

Codename Indistinct.

Codename Indistinct is a competition of design and styling. Your aim is to create a car intended for the company/client to sell. They’ll ask for specifics but allow quite a lot of creative freedom! I hope you enjoy your time building and entering.

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Codename Indistinct

The year is 1955, a recently retired high-ranking naval engineer by the name of Gerald Hall, with just above £2 million decided to invest in producing the car company of his dreams. A premium brand that would specialise in silky smooth performing cars with the most premium of ride and interior quality as well as solid safety ratings and fuel economy.

However he does not have any connections within the automotive industry, so his friend proposed an idea: To invite clients worldwide to design a prototype saloon car to get the company started…

Outside of story note

I thought about this idea for a company brand for quite a while, but haven’t really set about kicking it off. I also had a few friends asking me whenever I’d make a new competition, so I thought I’d give a go at combining the two and see where it leads…!

1955 - Hetvesia - Main office

Gerald looked out the window to see a brand new Jaguar Mark VII M pull up into the parking. It’d be Leon Bennet, his friend who he met and worked with in several business ventures. He would soon enter into Gerald’s office.

Leon: Ah, good afternoon Gerald. I hope you have been well.

Gerald: Yes, things have been going rather well, thank you. Have any news on your proposition?

Leon: That I do! I set out on organising mail to the top automotive industries to get our challenge into circulation. We should hear back from several soon, from design houses, to individual designers even.

Both of them sat down, either side of Gerald’s desk.

Gerald: Well, now we wait then I suppose?

Leon: Yes. However there is still the need of our company name…


Your task: To design and develop a prototype premium saloon car. Planned for production in 1958.

Sub-tasks (Completely optional): Develop a company motto for the brand, and simple badge to go from 1955 until the mid 1960s.


  • Model and engine family year set to 1955, Trim and engine variant year set to 1958.
  • Maximum quality sliding is from 0 to +2.
  • Car markets will not be marked in judgement.
  • One entry per person!


Steel panels on a Galvanised Steel Monocoque chassis with front longitudinal double wishbone front & rear only. The factories only have steel and galvanisation plants to work with.

Drivetrain & Engine

Rear wheel drive, 2 gear automatic paired with a open differential is what the base chassis uses.

The engine which will be used is not yet decided although Gerald seems to like the idea of a high capacity Inline 6, or a sweet sounding V12. Using either an I6 or V12 only is allowed.

Fuel is fine as any selection, although Regular Leaded is preferred from it being the most common fuel.


Tyres are to be sized only ending with a “5”. Example: 245 front & 285 rear.

Besides the above rule, no restriction, just choose within good reason.

Fuel Economy

Aim for above 10mpg. Above 15-20mpg will score slightly better.


Premium is the standard here. Although Luxury will be considered if it is cost-effective.

4-5 seats is the allowed seating. Full seats only. 2 front, 2/3 rear.


Higher the better.


Progressive suspension setup only.


The lower the better. This is however a prototype premium car being made. Consider the cost to produce the car. Service cost doesn’t matter as much.

Suggestions and assistance

  • This challenge is mainly design based. Focus your attention more on the visuals of the car than the internal tuning.

  • The brand will primarily focus on premium markets, and has an incline to smooth riding cars, that are very safe, economical with fuel, and comfortable.

  • Being Hetvesia, the real life representative is Switzerland. Keep in mind the mountainous terrain of the country, maybe lean to utility and a little bit more off-road for this.

  • Since the car is luxurious, a loud engine and exhaust system would not be ideal.

  • Keywords to describe the brand would be: Fabulous, High-class, Lavish, Vigorous, Efficient

Here’s a few examples of what Gerald is looking for:

Design inspirations

_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

Submission guidelines

Model name: Indistinct - (your forum user name)

Trim name: Your car’s name

Engine name: Your engine’s name

Engine trim name: Your engine’s trim


  • Post a picture/pictures of your submitted car on this thread alongside your submission sent.

  • Your entry can be an automationverse client, or just made up for this comp, anything is okay!

  • Important Note: No re submissions allowed - so please make sure that your entry meets all requirements before submitting.

  • All mods are allowed

  • Submissions will open at 12:00am GMT September 30th 2019 and will close at 12:00 pm GMT, October 9th 2019. Please note that until submissions open, rules and regulations may be subject to change.

I am using open beta, so please state which version you are using on your entry submission. Open Beta is preferred.

Have fun and I wish you success!

Important: This OP is a work in progress right now any input would be great as this is my second time hosting a competition here. Things might change before the opening time.


How many seats should the car have? I reckon four or five should suffice.

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197hp 4.0L V12
Luxury high-riding estate
No racing brake fade!

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i’d consider entering. If i had time to read the CSR amount of rules xD
Seems good though, i could have a go.

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Me being a sucker for 60s/late 50s cars, I’m definitely participating!

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When you think of luxury, you don’t think of us. But here we have it: The Schütze Sovereign 4200, the high premise of luxury in the 1950’s, the kingpin of the lavish auto market. Under the glorious hood lies 4.2L Inline 6 hauling the luxurious interior, featuring an AM radio. The suave interior can fit up to 4 High-class passengers, or can be configured to Chauffeur specifications, with a divider inbetween the passenger compartment and the driver.

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Another quick question am I right in thinking we have to come up with a brand name as well as the car name?

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Ah, I hadn’t really clarified that as much. Basically, the clients (you) will be entering their own concept/prototype, so it can be named as whatever really. For example something like “Arion Prototype 1” will be fine if you submit from a company, or “Ruby Boutique Design Phantom Concept” as stand alone works fine.

I kind of chose the title of this challenge from the fact that the company is yet to really be established or even named. :smile:

What fuel type do you have to use ?

furry tail here i come

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One other thing, in the examples there is a 2 door car, does this mean we can have 2 door cars or is it 4 only

Unlimited choice really, either works since this is a premium car, more often premium costs for fuel come with it. Of course regular will be more preferred as it is more common at fuel stations. (Some might not even have premium)

Yes that’s a-ok! So long as the car is a saloon (sedan) body it can be 2 or 4 door.

I would of entered this, and im still debating. Yes its two door, yes its 1955, yes its premium, but no it is not a typical Sedan body.
It still has 4 seats, it is similar in shape to a minority of sedans of the era, but that doesnt make it a sedan.

I don’t know.

More Pictures


Current project teaser, and no it’s not a Silver-York guys.
Something from my own homeland


It’s full of chromes!

More Pictures

Soon (tm). And no, it's not a Seat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Understated elegance… coming and going. The taught and refined Serafine Twelve proposal from the artists at Bjork designs.


coming soon: The Forecastle Prototype one.


Lausanne Concept

Triple-Tone paint for the win lol


Here is my car Aurora Mark I.

It is the pinnacle of automotive tech with an innovative engine and luxury comfort.

Aurora has a CruzeTorq Inline 6 4700cc SOHC-24 engine and produces 225 HP @ 4500 RPM while consuming a decent amount of fuel. It uses super leaded fuel but why use regular fuel while driving such irregular car?

Why wait anymore? You can just test it at our certified sellers!

P.S. Engine options vary outside of U.S.

More Photos

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