Codename Indistinct IV (Open Sep 25th)

Codename Indistinct II

The year is 1960. Kyung-Yeong Industries, a large scale construction company which leaped into the automotive industry from 1946, producing it’s first car in 1951, the Kyung-Yeong Ssanvan, a budget family car that was quite prosperous.

With the great success of the Ssanvan, it was time to create the second generation. They intended to continue the tradition of the original Ssanvan: A versatile car suited to all conditions of daily driving with great economy, affordability, and fitting room for the family.

_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________
Kyung-Yeong Industries HQ, Daegu, South Korea

The CEO: Kyung-Ja Song, addressed the heads of each department of their new sourcing for inventive styling and design ideas.

Kyung-Ja: Today we will be launching our announcement to search for new creative individuals and companies to collaborate with for the design and creation of Ssanvan Mark II.

The group discussed their thoughts, some just asking why we don’t have our own design department on it.

Kyung-Ja: It’s simply put, we want to get exposure out there about our brand, and by getting word out to potential joint-ventures or rivals of our Ssanvan Mark II… It will build up excitement to the public, hopefully leading to increased sales from higher exposure.

The heads of department agreed, it did not sound bad at all, and so later in the day, it was broadcast over the world to many different brands and companies about Kyung-Seong’s request.


Your task: To design and develop the second generation Ssanvan as a production-ready concept family car. Planned for release in 1965.


Before starting your build, it will take creating a 1960 campaign save file to get specific unlocks and tech that Kyung-Yeong has.


Once inside campaign, begin creating a new car. Once you selected everything, you can export the car file, then re-import it to your game to freely edit in sandbox mode with these specific tech points.

  • Model and engine family year set to 1960, Trim and engine variant year set to 1960.
  • Car markets will not be marked in judgement.
  • One entry per person.
  • Realistic design choices and coherence in design will be highly valuable to this challenge.
  • There is no body type set in stone. I recommend using a Saloon/Sedan, Estate/Wagon or Hatchback, but other body types are accepted, just make sure they hit the criteria!


Kyung-Yeong used Monocoque for the original Ssanvan, so they have knowledge of making this best. The car must use a Monocoque chassis, but everything else is free to your choice.

Drivetrain & Engine

Open to any type. Don’t go too crazy with capacity or amount of pistons, this isn’t a highly prestigious brand, they are more conservative.

Engineering time will be 70 maximum.

Fuel will only be Regular Leaded - 92 RON


Hard Long Life with a square setup (155-155) is recommended for best value & economy. But as long as it seems realistic and works, it’s up to you.

Fuel Economy

Aim for more than 25mpg (UK MPG), anything less will impact the overall entry. (Not cruise tests, the value on the Trim Statistics.)


Overall should aim for higher than 60 on the trim statistics, minimum accepted will be 50.


5 seats is the minimum allowed seating, with no folding front seats. More is allowed on a third row if the car uses one. Comfort is a nice bonus, but because this is a budget-oriented car, is not expected to be high.


Minimum Safety is 28.


Open to any type. Again, don’t go crazy with the suspension settings, aim for a cost effective setup.


The maximum materials cost will be 750 for engine, and 3000 for the car. Do not use these as a price to aim to, lower cost is much more desired than maxing out statistics even if it costs them some in prestige.


A lower service cost would be optimal considering the car’s market aim with the maximum being 400.

Minimum drivability is 25, aim for above 30 though as a target.

Suggestions and assistance

  • Codename Indistinct challenges are slightly more based on styling, although engineering is of importance too.

  • Kyung-Yeong are a budget-friendly brand. Styling and design choices oriented towards that will do better than ones with high cost and premium materials. Here is their forums thread.

  • Kyung-Yeong Industries slogan is “Embrace in Joy.” symbolising the brand’s ideology of enjoying life and the drive. Their styling is minimalistic in the early years (current period.) yet stylish.

  • The original Ssanvan is able to cross all kinds of terrain, climb high incline roads up mountains without too much trouble and comfortable enough for long drives and carry a good amount of cargo.

  • Keywords to describe the brand would be: Budget, Economical, Reliable.

  • On the workshop you can find Kyung-Yeong’s logo: Steam Workshop::Custom Badges Pack - Requested Edition (4.24) (OPEN)

_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

Submission guidelines

Model name: Indistinct II - (your forum user name)

Trim name: Ssanvan (And anything else to go onto the trim such as “Basic” or “2.0L Saloon”)

Engine name: Your engine’s name

Engine trim name: Your engine’s trim


  • Post a picture/s of your submitted car on this thread alongside your submission sent.

  • Your entry can be an automationverse/lore client, or just made up for this comp, anything is okay!

  • Important Note: No re submissions allowed - so please make sure that your entry meets all requirements before submitting.

  • All mods are allowed

  • Submissions will open at 12:00am GMT May 4th 2020 and will close at 12:00 pm GMT, May 18th 2020. You can send the .car file to me through the messaging system on the forums. Please note that until submissions open, rules and regulations may be subject to change.

I am using open beta v4.24. Entries will only work on this version, please make sure you are on the open beta branch if you would like to enter.

Have fun and I wish you success!

Important: This OP is a work in progress right now any input would be great. Things might change before the opening time.

With the certainty of the 4.24 stable drop, I will be extending the start and deadline by a week.


Quick reminder that entries are now open!

The release of 4.24 to stable hasn’t happened thus far, I’m not sure if I should delay it further but we will see by the amount of entries.


I will get the ball rolling with the Kyung-Yeung Ssanvan licence proposal by Knightwick motor corporation.

The car is a Knightwick K20 saloon with some styling changes for the Korean market and indicators added to the front and rear to replace the trafficators in the K20 model. Power comes from a 1098cc KA inline 4 cylinder engine.

Some close-ups of badging


Isn’t this supposed to be “although engineering is of importance too”?

Also… I started mine when this came out and just left it… oof lol.

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Oh yeah, that would make more sense in wording, thanks for that! :smile:

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Welcome to me questioning whether I actually know how to design or not. I spent about 15 minutes trying to do a gutter on a car with a rear windscreen that doesn’t wrap around. The only thing missing in those photos is the badge on the front fenders but whatever.

And yes I used a 1965 body, what can I say, it’s one of the qUiRkS ANd fEAtUrES of Campaign!

The Kyung-Yeong Ssanvan 1800 by AB Monozukuri has 70hp… well 69.69 but it isn’t a meme car so we’ll call it 70… And yes, it’s a speed demon which can do over 100mph! I don’t know when you’d do that on tiny roads in a congested city but I don’t care. It also has a Cutting Edge interior! (By which I mean it has a radio and some sort of comfy seats but not really cuz it’s a budget car, what do you expect!?).

Edit: I don’t know how to read, let alone design since I just completely missed the monocoque only regulations…


Post a picture/s of your submitted car on this thread alongside your submission sent.

My reading comprehension is a bit shit today, so would you mind clarifying this part? Do you want us to submit the file here or something, or am I completely misunderstanding what you meant by that?

Submit in DMs and post images in here.

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Mod bodies are allowed or not? I feel like this recent addition to the workshop would be perfect for this challenge.

Edit: I see you allowed them in the last round of this challenge so I assume they’re OK for this one?

Yes all mods are allowed for this challenge, that body was in the previous update so will be fine in this too :slight_smile:

Presenting . The KY Ssanvan MK2 (Trident entry)
(With slight MK1 Cortina Influence)

This Motor car uses a simplified and easier to manufacture version of the versatile Trident Enigma MK1 bodyshell and floorpan with simpler interior and suspension and a 1600cc version of the Trident 1500 OHV engine which gives relatively decent fuel economy and performance for its size. The interior is NO Nonsense and No frills, designed for function over form, with seating for 5 adults and space for a decent amount of luggage.


Japan’s Kawaiidesu Heavy Industries is excited to commence their partnership with South Korea’s Kyung-yeong by announcing the production of a badge engineered version of the Kawaiidesu Mercenary shooting brake.

Powered by a 2.1 liter straight six making 99 hp coupled to a three-on-the-tree manual transmission.

Kyung-yeong expects that this practical, affordable, and fun to drive station wagon will be successful in the market and will pave the way for something more.

Soon to be released in 1964, this is the Mk3 Seaward Avantika, here rebadged as a Kyung-yeong Ssanvan


1965 Kyung-Yeong Ssanvan Mk II

Pro’s: Cheap to build, run and own. Reliable. Inoffensive styling.

Con’s: Slow. Limited environmental resistance, Inoffensive styling!

Our proposal is structured around the interpretation of your slogan,

as cheap and cheerful. Our proposal is simple, affordable and pleasant to drive without fear of offense or ill will. Should our proposal be successful, Bogliq USA and Australia would be interested in procuring your excess production capacity for their domestic markets, assuming favourable negotiations with the relevant government authorities…

Yours in confidence

Bogliq By Design


Independent Urban (Licence Proposal)

Designers at Independent suggest the Urban. Designed from the ground up for export into foriegen markets. Contracting licencing available as well!

Perfect for city driving using the highest grade bike tires available with revolutionary new cross ply techniques.

Simple, comfortable, reliable, disposable, powerful, all what you get when driving an Urban! Speak with our foriegen company accquisition team lawyers today!


Roughly four days left to enter! If you’re looking for some extra inspiration, check out the newly posted Kyung-Yeong thread!


Sadly the prototype Ssanvan was caught in an horrfic shipping accident on the way to the port of Busan. So Knightwick motors had to build a new car for Kyung-Yeong to look at.

With that we have decided to use a newer model to base our proposal on, using the basis of the new for 1957 Knightwick K50 small car platform, using the same 1098cc engine as before.


I still can’t believe I completely missed the chassis rule… good luck everyone else, you’ll do better due to my stupidity :joy:

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Ssanvan Dinahu


A french designer in Seoul decided to try to give it a try, basing the motorisation on existing Porteur engine. He made the car with the idea of making it look happy. Uninspired, he just called it the 1100.