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Combining cloned models

A question, if I may. As we have the “Clone Model” function, if, for example, we have a trim to export for “re-branding” purposes, is it possible to import it into an established set.
To illustrate:
I design a 1980 trim of Jeff the monocoque car, clone the model to make a racing type (Jeff with a space frame).
Then if I make a 1985 trim of Jeff, can I move that into the space frame Jeff.
In short, is consolidating cloned MODELS possible?

I used to use a workaround:
Export, db file rename, import, edit car, edit db keys, blah blah.

There is a button for that.

Click on the model instead of the trim and you’ll find it. It’ll clone all trims of that car into a new model.

This is the cloning part. There’s no consolidating part. Make a clone B of the car A, facelift the car A and then there’s no convenient way to transfer that facelift to the clone B.