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Community Car drawings

Here, we can post our car drawings. Lets see what you got!

I just started drawing cars 2 days ago*


An ok looking SUV.

Jacked up on barcode wheels. NICE!


I should start again too, my life is too busy to spend hours on drawing cars in the free time that I have.

This was the last one I did:


NICE! I’m no where near on that level, just started 2 days ago :slight_smile:

Damn! you’re good.

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I will be posting mine as soon as I scan them.

I’ve finished scanning my drawings. Mind that there’s about 5 years from the oldest to the newest, that’s why some of them are terrible. And also pardon me the amount of Brasilia drawings, I just love to draw my car.


These r cool, especially some of them with the PERFRCT circles for the wheels. My cirles be oval sometimes lol

Here another one of mine. The wheels are not ok as I said lol

Buy a compass and a ruler. You don’t know how helpfull they are. And look the post again, I’ve put some more.

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Here’s the last one I did, a new Volvo S60:

Edit: I just realized, @Holts we’re the same age in the same country, and our companies are (friendly) competitors… how about that? :smiley:


Your drawings are really good.

Do you take requests or anything?

@On3CherryShake what do u mean?

I mean that we are both sophomores in America, and we have competing car companies haha

@On3CherryShake o :slight_smile::smiley:

Only if your idea interests me. What would it be?

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Would you be able to do a 3 wheeled Scania Rat Rod in a similar veign/stance as to how you did the Polaris Slingshot style 3 wheeler? I’d also like it to be one of the Next Gen Scanias.

I will try. I’ve never drawn a flat front truck, and there’s at least half a year since I’ve made anything, so I can’t garantee much.

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