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Community Challenge & Competition warning

Seeing as people have found ways of “creatively” editing the .lua car files in order to get ridiculous amounts of whatever stats, I’d like to warn Challenge and Competition creators to make sure that their participants aren’t “cheating the system” so to speak. I hope that no one here is the kind of person to try and win competitions by cheating, but who knows.

Also, even though it might not be explicitly stated in the rules section of a competition, .lua editing is usually not allowed.

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I would like to point out that at least one modder, VMO, has confessed to be making parts that cheat the system, granting them higher cooling for less drag, which can benefit some cars in a un-proportional and illegal way.

Do we know which .lua file edits won’t be caught by loading the file and paging through all the tabs? Tech points are my #1 suspect, but I don’t know if there are others.

For convenience, could you tell us which of vmo’s parts this applies to? I’ve been using some vmo parts for cosmetic purposes only but don’t want to have inadvertantly done something amiss!

I can’t tell which one that caused the issue, but you can find it on the lua files, if you really want to.

To check for this, if I ever do another tournament, it is going to be very easy. I’ll simply get a lua error when I try to open the car, since I have deleted all of his mods.