Community Trackpack (Github Repository) (23.03.2016)

[size=150]What is he talking about?[/size]
[size=100]Aren’t you sick of downloading every single track?
Browsing 100 threads and download each attachment, unzipping it, moving it to the right location?
[size=100]Why not just download ONE Zip file, and install them all? :slight_smile:[/size]

[size=100]Here’s the github repository for that. (and you do not even need git for that)[/size]

[size=150]Current Version: 1.3 [/size]
from 23rd of March 2016

[size=150]How to use:[/size]
[ul]]Just download the Zip File: … ve/]
]unzip it/:m]
]move all track folders into “%username%/Documents/My Games/Automation/Tracks”/:m]
]and you’re done/:m][/ul]

[size=150]Feedback is highly welcome:[/size]
[size=100]For all the trackbuilders out there, it would be nice if you wrote me a PM when you release a new track or a revision, so i can update the github repo as fast as possible.
If there are tracks that do not work, tell me! :slight_smile:[/size]


I kept saying I was going to do something like this, as there are so many tracks to get lost on the forums. Thanks for doing this!!!

yes thx finaly

Downloaded, worked, thank you!

Awesome! Is there a way to keep track of which version we’re downloading? Some of the tracks have more than one version…

Well, you can take a look at the lua files online.
e.g. this is the one of Green Hell: … /track.lua

I tried to integrate the latest versions of all tracks as of the 26th of march.
If you find a track missing, i can add it very fast. :wink:

thanks very apreciated :wink:

nobody else realize that he said he’s from the future, saying the pack was from 26th of march 2016?

As a track author I don’t especially like that you grabbed my track without asking, and don’t even list the original authors in a credits file.

Edit: Just to be clear, I’m not asking you to remove my tracks or anything, but rehosting and not crediting the author is just sort of a heel move. Lots of time and effort went into the creation of those tracks.

i wanted to spare the weeks of asking every single one, and just posted everything, hoping everyone is ok with it.

I did now add a file called “original-release.txt” in every track’s folder, pointing to your release threads in the forums
e.g.: … elease.txt

Hope that sounds better now.

Mt Panorama Bathurst

Hey mer_at, I think this one is missing. Use strop’s version at the top of page 2. :slight_smile:

Tulsa Dragway

This one is also missing from your list. :slight_smile:

Updated to 1.2.
All Tracks up to the current day should now be in it.

Updated to 1.3
now with Hockenheim 1970

Im very unexperienced with unzipping files and cannot figure out how its done. I need step by step instructions. I got the Drag strip to work but none of the others will work.