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Community Translations

We just opened up the translations of Automation for you to join in and contribute if you are up for it! I suggest you check out the big news post I just put up as an announcement on Steam, it has all the info linked in it. Would be great to see you join in to make the translation of Automation happen :slight_smile:



There are defintively some base strings that aren’t great bases :stuck_out_tongue:

I especially like the one used for the description of a torque converter.



Indeed! xD Hence why using the English UK translation as a basis sometimes is a must haha

Would translators get rewarded at some point? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can of course do polish translations when I’ll have time (because Kubboz is gone, no?), so yeah, but I’m just asking

I’ll be on the lookout for all the kurwas and spierdalaj s moej zhiemi’s


Oh, there we have some badass over there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice joke btw

Some old French translations will have to be redone … Some odd translations smells like Google Translate !

Yes, definitely something that needs to be improved on, you’re welcome to join in and fix it :slight_smile:

If you need help with Finnish translations (if/when it’s added), I would be happy to help :sunglasses:

I can do finnish translation as well, if needed :smiley:

We’re currently looking for suggestions regarding proofreaders for Polish and Spanish. If you haven’t joined in already and would like to help out with the translations, you can join the project here:

If you have joined already and can give us a hand pointing out a good Polish or Spanish translator, have a look here:

Your help is much appreciated! :smiley: