Competition and viable starting locations

Firstly, I apologies in advance if either of these questions have already been asked,

Ok, so my first question is,

As in the game Detroit, I expect that there will be some sort of market competition modeled.
Given that for sure, I’d expect that you can not use real names or logos etc, or reference real cars;
How will you convey to the player what the competition is in terms of brands? As in, will you have just several specific rival companies as in Detroit? Or maybe many, many rival companies as in the real world? Or will it be a less direct way of showing it? for example, showing the market percentage the player holds without listed who actually holds the rest?

And also as part b to that one and something Detroit only did moderately well. What information would the player have about what the competition is in terms of the actual competing products?

Also, as for my second question,

I have read that you will be able to pick, to more or less of an extent where your company is based. Given this, how will you enable say, a player to start off and have an enjoyable game when starting in the more remote locations. Noting that I couldn’t find data on car production for say, the 40’s. My initial thoughts would be either have a small customer base that the player can there or there abouts survive on, or, alternatively, start the game at a later date; similar to how football manager starts the game close to your season start. Possibly the car industry was more developed than I think at the time the game starts so this question might be irrelevant.

Thank for reading! :smiley:

Not sure about the first one, it’s probably going to be your brand and at the start you choose how many AIs there will be, but you’ll most likely be able to see them and what they’re doing.

For your second question here you go: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3661&start=10

We will (at least try to) move away from the “classic” way these kinds of games work in that you have a certain number of never-changing competitors, that is not what the automotive industry looks/looked like. New competition may spring up dynamically during a campaign, trying to fill a niche or taking over factories from a defunct competitor. What is possible and how it all will work we don’t know yet, there are pressing matters at the moment. :slight_smile:

Dynamic competition sounds really cool, I hope you can pull it off

Yeah I agree with maffc, that is definitely something I was hoping to hear, thank you!

Of course the down side is that sounds like a very ambitious goal! No holiday for daffy just yet then. Good for me though haha.