Competition Autobeam Season 1 Round 1: 1949 Glamorous Luxury Cars

S1 40’s: Luxury Cars!

Max Year: 1949 (bonus points for older cars)

Max Approximate Cost: $30k (bonus points for lower cost)

-0 - +5 quality sliders
-Sedan Body with at least 2.6m (102 in) wheelbase
-Solid Axle Coil or Solid Axle Leaf rear suspension

  • OHV/Push Rod head and valves
    -Springs & Lifters max value of 50
    -Either Regular or Super fuel
    -No engine stress
    -Open Differential
    -Premium, Luxury, or Hand Made interior
    -At least 4 seats
    -Advanced 40s safety
    -Minimum 10 US mpg (22.4 L/100km)
    -Minimum 30 comfort
    -Minimum 30 prestige
    -Maximum $1k service costs

-Semi Slicks and Sports Compound tyre choice
-Race Intake
-Lips, Spoilers, Wings

Bonus engineering points (even more points for stats that already contribute to this score):

Market points based on sales for Luxury, Luxury P., Conv. Luxury (whichever gets you the most sales.)

Deadline for car entries: 6/12/2022
Deadline for race entries: 6/19/2022 (track to be determined on 6/12/2022)

Version: 4.2 Open Beta
Further details can be found in the Discord below! Submissions also go here, Kings :slight_smile:


A performance intake should also be on the list of prohibited items, given that it provides more noise - something that has always been less desirable for premium and luxury cars.

There’s no submission format? or place to submit the .car? Clarifying that would be good. It would be nice to just submit it on the forums since joining a whole discord navigating through and finding the place to submit it is rather tiresome everytime somebody wants to host a beam “challenge”.

On that note, I think entries for this inaugural round should have “CAB1R1 - (your forum username)” as their model and family names, and submitted via DM to the creator of the OP.

As for interiors, I think they should be optional, and they should not affect judging.

FMC Dodeci V12


Oh now thats Spicy