Competition Autobeam Season 1 Round 2: 1958 Prestigious Grand Tourers

S1 50’s: Prestigious GTs!
Scenario: It has been a decade since the end of the war, and the economy has been booming. Your company has been making a lot of money, and you have some to spare for a pricey project. It is time to show everyone what your company is truly capable of making by designing a prestigious, expensive, high performance car that not only will destroy your competitors in racing competitions, but will also look good and feel good doing it.

DISCORD LINK (so you know where to put it and find out more!)

Year Range: 1955-1959 (bonus points for older cars)

Max Approximate Cost: $50k (bonus points for lower cost)

-no negative quality sliders
-max 3 doors
-spaceframe chassis
-Front Engine
-2 Valves only
-93 AKI (98 RON) Max
-minimum 30 prestige
-minimum standard 50s safety
-minimum 10 MPG (22.4 L/100km)
-$2k max service cost
-2 full front seats, 2 rear seats either full or reduced size

-wings, lips, spoilers
-manual locker diff

Bonus engineering points for prestige and sportiness.

Market points will be based on GT or GT Premium.

Deadline for car entries: 6/26/2022
Deadline for race entries: 7/3/2022 (track to be determined on 6/26/2022)

Version: 4.2 Open Beta

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