Completed my first 100% on the new difficulty :)

save link:

yes all cars are red and sad

I managed to get to the end of a 100x campaign. The initial game was very interesting, plenty of hard decisions to be made to survive. The first monocoque is a leap in the dark, and then a snafu with the emission standards almost ended the run. The new market/competitors work ok and is much harder to corner a market. The construction is a tad slow and a bit non linear, the jump from large 1 to 3 is not that big, and the jump to huge was almost impossible to do, and because these factory take so long to set up and are so risky, you end up with two factory per each car line and then you use one of these at a time so that you don’t have a year or so of wait time to deal with at the end of a run

As far as the new update goes it works well. For the difficulty, I think there’s the usual issue of the game becoming much easier once you have your first succesful medium 3, so it’s like you get a super hard beginning, but if you get to the 80s-90s with most/all market open then you’re good and the difficulty goes down a cliff, the emission mechanics are not enough to really dampen late game growth, you can easily get hyper on wes 11

the forecaster seems a bit too conservative, I was constantly running a large production deficit even for factories that where forecasted at 1-2 shifts.

tech and quality play is ok I guess, I wonder tho if chassis and body have to be +3 +5 all the time for all the cars to sell without the harsh reliability penalty, wouldn’t that be the de facto 0?

ux is a bit grating in late game. I wish for a button to automatically swap all engines to the next in refit if available. and a modifier (say alt right click) to apply a change to all trims (say I go and change a car from 2000 to 2010 safety, I’d like to be able after to alt right click 2010 safety and all other trim get that applied, even if it’d take a while, when I operate at that scale I don’t care of getting 100% on all suspension either way)

ai generation is solid. I’d love for an option to pick family, an existing engine, and ai generate a car around it. and an option within a model to ai generate trims for a different market. it might sound lazy but late game I’m covering most market and I only focus really on a couple segments like top end in cost and top in market size, the rest of the filler get autogenerated and enjoy the money I’m already putting in mareting and the familiarity from the other model research.

prestige is likewise a bit weird. why is having delivery hurting prestige that much? I don’t see ppl dumping on mercedes for it - speaking of delivery, can we do something for the delivery meta to be “sky high suspensions on tiny tires” they look super silly

anyway, I’ll be gone now. til next update!


Good insights, thank you!

I have never come past the 50s since the update as I refused to engineer cars different to before. But your bit regarding the reliability penalty which can be avoided by adding +3 to +5 in quality or having the cars become unsellable is exactly the issue I’m having.

That really seems like a fault to me, it used to be possible to build generally okay cars at standard (+0) quality all around.