Concept Car Showdown | Round 1 | 1980's Sports Cars [UE4]

Concept Car Showdown

Current Round Rules: Concept Car Showdown | Round 1 | 1980's Sports Cars [UE4] - #5 by LinkLuke

The Idea
Each round the round leader will choose a year for which an autoshow would take place. From here contestants will create a concept car that would be shown at the event. They must present an advert of somekind explaining the features of the car and its innovations and prototype technologies (Try to keep this brief).

From here their car will be judged on 4 category’s by the round leader; Creativity, Advertisement, Innovations and Reality. Each category will be judged out of 10 and the car with the most points will win the round. The winner then will proceed to host the next round.

More On The Category’s

This is the judges opinion on how much they like the styling of the car in terms of how futuristic they think it looks and how stylish they think it is. If they think it is ugly they may give it a lower score meaning that this part of the judging is highly subjective.

Scored Out Of 10

This is how good the advert is, more effort may or may not mean more points, the category is just judged on how much forum users like the advert, this will be judged by using a poll.

Based On Poll
1st: 20% Score Bonus
2nd: 10% Score Bonus
3rd: 5% Score Bonus

This is how sell-able the judge thinks the car is based off of personal opinion and the cars stats, this may mean that in a certain era such as the 1980’s a self driving vehicle will score lower than the 2010’s due to the public often having mixed opinions on machines ‘thinking’ for themselves

Scored Out Of 10

This is how realistic the car is for the era and will be judged on the overall car stats, and how possible the car would be to produce in the given era.

Scored Out Of 10

The Rules - summarised

  • The Car Must have a trim year of a year on from the even e.g. if the show is 1985, then the car’s trim/model year would be 1986

  • The Round Leader Will pick a category for the contestants such as 90’s hypercars or 50’ barges

  • UE4 R5 Must Be Used

  • You must use the standard naming convention CCS# - Username – Car Name for both engine and car.

  • You must post and advert and submit your car to the round leader

  • If you post your advert or send your car after the deadline YOU will be DISQUALIFIED - There will be no exceptions

  • Have Fun

More Rules May Be Added In The Future

Any Ideas For How I Can Improve This Round Would Greatly Be Appreciated


this isn’t a bad idea at all.
but i would stipulate about technical aspects to, because it’s no use to have a hypercar going up against a supermini.

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Who will be round leader for the first round? (assuming it will be you).

Is it still in discussion phase because for Advertisement, I might suggest maybe having a poll for a duration of maybe 2 days to let the other participants vote fairly the best advertisement.

It will probably be more hassle, but it is really up to you.

By the way, are there LITERALLY no rules/regulations/limits to comply with? Because I really want to enter this event.

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I may do a poll system for the advert, that would be a little more fair, and I will be leading the first round. As for technical aspects, I think a theme for each round would be nice as it may be unfair ‘to have a hypercar going up against a supermini’
As I said though, rules aren’t final and I would like help to make this round as fun as possible. Also as for limits, these are concept cars so be as wild as you like and finally it is up to the round leader for any other rules I haven’t yet stipulated

@JohnWaldock @yurimacs I have edited the rules with consideration to your ideas.



Before you read through to round 1, I would like to state that cars will be judged out of 10 for each category. The adverts will be judged by poll and the way that will effect scores is as follows:
1st: 20% Score Bonus
2nd: 10% Score Bonus
3rd: 5% Score Bonus
This has been added to the original challenge post for new contestants to read.

Round 1 | 1986 Autoshow | Concept Sports Cars

The year is 1986, thousands of people stumble into the building to be amazed by auto manufacturers and their new crazy creations. Some are next years greatest models, some showing what they think we’ll drive in the ‘future’. An auto-journalist Jean Henderson strolls down the main hall in search of creations for his sports car article coming the following month.

Your goal as a manufacturer is to create something special for the event. It needs to be something sporty that’ll catch Mr Henderson’s eye, whether this be futuristic design or a some sort of automobilia propaganda. He will be judging the cars on a few category’s; Creativity - How creative the manufacturer has been with the design, Innovativity - How futuristic the cars features are and Sellability - How well the Judge thinks your car would sell. Finally he will be taking the public’s opinion on the adverts submitted by the manufacturers.


  • Must Be A Sports Car
  • As These Are Concept Cars There Are No PU/ET Limits
  • Quality Slider Limit Of +10
  • Must Have a Trim Year Of 1987 or Higher
  • Must Use The Naming Convention CCS1 - /username\ For The Model And Family Names And Anything Else For Trim And Variant.
  • Must have 1-5 seats
  • An Advert Is Required
  • UE4 R5 Must Be Used
  • Anything I Haven’t Stipulated Isn’t a Rule


Try to make your car innovative, this can be through in-game features or wording of your advert. Try to make your advert eye-catching, if you’re not good at photoshop then don’t worry, you may be able to gain points in the other judging category’s. Try to be creative with your design, making it sell-able for the era, but also think of the feature people though cars would have in the future during the 80’s.

Deadline - February 28th 14:00 GMT

Entries Must Be Have Advert Posted And Car PMed To Me Before The Deadline Or You’ll Face Disqualification.


By sports car, do you mean that the submitted trim must have precisely two seats? Otherwise four-seaters will be accepted.

@abg7 It can be 1-5 seats

I mean that is needs to be aimed at a sporty market, whether it be a little roadster a little like an mx-5 or be a larger JDM style sports car like a Silvia or Supra, just make it sporty.

lol how do you score creativity on a number scale



This bodes well lol


What counts as creativity? If I only put 3 fixtures on my car and you judge it as uncreative, surely I can just turn around and say “no, it is creative because I think it’s creative”, and visa versa?

Aren’t parts of a competition that both judge Judge how well a car stays within the time period, and how well a car pushes the limits of a time period at odds with one another?

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Ok, I think I need to rethink the judging a little (maybe a lot). I could do with some suggestions here though as I would like to make the judging as fair as possible, I do think that in terms of creativity I mean, how much the judge likes the car and how futuristic they think it looks making it highly subjective to the judge. As for the part about judging how it pushes the boundaries of the era I, that’s where I could do with help from anyone that may have an idea.

EDIT: I have had a breif idea where I have changed ‘Reality’ for Sellability, this may also be subjective, but is based on opinion and the cars in-game stats.

1987 Zasteros Katana