Configure the Car [Dodge Viper]

So this is a game where we all configure a single car to the way we want it, and upload a screenshot after.

OP will be updated with a new car whenever I feel like it, so be sure to check back.

Let’s see what your tastes are like!

Dodge Viper

Here is my attempt at it. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine :slight_smile:

Wait, how do I take screenshots?

I just used Lightshot to take mine, it’s very easy to do :slight_smile:

Here is mine. Quite possibly the cheapest car here, since it only has 3 carbon fibre parts, the front splitter, door sills and rear diffuser. More than that and I think the car just looks vulgar. Also, the interior is quite boring, but I wanted to have the fake-suede, aka Alcantara, instead of full leather, so the seats are part-suede, part-leather and the steering wheel is also alcantara. Also, I went for the steel brakes, saving myself another 10,000 pounds or so :stuck_out_tongue:

Made this thing, doesn’t really have any carbon fibre accessories mainly because i think it’s really ugly

And here I was, applying carbon fiber to absolutely everything I could get my hands on, because saving weight :stuck_out_tongue: Vulgar? What is that? :laughing:

Can’t get enough of that CF!

Because black is still the sexiest color there is. If they’d had pink as a secondary interior color (for those of you who have seen my actual car in the My Ride section here), you know I’d have taken it. Since it wasn’t an option, murdered is Queen!

Shiny black everything. Strip of red LED’s on the nose. Jets that allow it to jump.

^ Do that and I will take 2 of them!

The next car is the Dodge Viper.

Configure it here:

Oooh yes, the colour chooser is excellent on this configurator! :slight_smile:

Nice color. Car looks almost as good as my Skoda.

The Brits have a twin-turbo version of the Viper V10, where’s the option to swap one of those in?

Looks quite nice I must say.

Well, not much configuration involved in this one, other than paint and wheels. Here is mine, in a Hollywood classic pink on black!