Contemporary Car Art Repo

Ever wanted to explore beyond (or well, behind) the 3rd dimension? Ever wanted a place to express your creativity and show off your designs outside Automation? yeah me too

Feel free to submit any car art you’ve made in the thread below.


I’ve been toying around with the idea for the better part of the year and I thought I’d take some time to reflect and show off in the thread.

from humble beginnings…

… to flat but more presentable (if a bit overdesigned) renders

… to less complex, more understandable and easier on the eye sketches…

… and finally to my latest surface study.

My findings:

  • look at other sketches for inspiration and surface treatment (BMW and Audi are my personal favourites)
  • practice! it takes time
  • start with learning your program first; jumping straight into cars after using Photoshop only for photo manipulation before and not learning the ins and outs of its matting and brush settings
  • test your skills every month or so by rendering an irl shot
  • don’t be afraid to add a bit color! this is only really prominent in my last render, but you can clearly see adding a bit of skybox reflections makes the image instantly more life-like

This can be an interesting thread indeed.

The Clarin sketch is easily your best work yet, truly professional quality. Could it be a 2024 or 2025 model?

The concept art for your builds is actually very representative of the final product.



2025 Fukorami Oria. An homage to a 60s sports car of the same name.

• Focus this time was on carrying over the beautiful simplicity and elegance of 60s sports cars like the Jaguar E-Type Series 1

• The design is simple, but not barren. It uses lighting instead of in-your-face detailing to subtly show off its curves. The only “extra” detailing is the power bulge that’s mounted off-centre on the hood, which is a nod to past sports cars which used the same technique to fit ITBs, and allow for delightfully sonorous engine notes

• Moving away from The Beak grille, but it’s still in there if you look hard enough

• Decided to go for a gritty, urban theme cuz why not


If you trace someone else’s art (or do some other kind of derived work), it would be nice to give credit to the original artist :pray:

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Truly sorry for lack of transparency / miscommunication. It’s been a busy few months so I’d forgotten about this. Most of the references I’d used up to this point are from a screenshot of a now-deleted mood-board from the depths of the Internet. I’ll find sources for reference images used in renders and cite them in the above posts soon. Going forward I’ll try to be far less reliant on reference photos.


No worries! Would love to see more of your art in this thread.