Conti Automotive

Conti Automotive is an automotive umbrella group founded in 2005. It went ahead and bought several companies. Firstly Vive. A funky fresh French car brand. And Falchio, A failing brand. 5 years later they acquired Vauer. An elite german brand, And in 2015 they went off and bought Kouda. A japanese car company on the brink of ruin.

The Kouda Sonia. This very large sedan was built for luxury but without the shouty look at me parts. It uses the VX-3 v6 powerplant producing 280 BHP. which is still enough for this car to pull reasonably.


280 horsepower may not be enough for a car of this size - I was expecting that V6 to develop 60 to 120 extra horsepower, which ought to make it more competitive performance-wise. As an alternative, a V8 option could also be considered.

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Nice design first and foremost, I see a bit of Audi A5 and Mustang inspiration in the front. That is a nice 4dr take imo.