Convert cars to new automation versions


I have a few models that I’ve interested to use in the new Automation versions, but the problem is that I can’t use the old models (the latest stable version of game) in the 12th august beta.

Is possible to copy and paste the values in a new model of automation (example: I have a car of older automation version, and copy and paste the coordinates of body in a new car file created in the latest beta of automation, with the same body).


I had a go once, the LUA file formats change too much between versions and it just didn’t work.

I make notes and save pics of the cars and engines I want to recreate each time

If there is anything I really want to keep engine-wise (the cars are easy enough to re-do) I just write it out in a continuous list. For example: I4, Cast Iron, 76, 73, Cast, cast, cast, SOHC, 4, aluminium, etc. Each item corresponds with the next entry in the design stages. You could probably do the same with the trim settings for your models?