Convert old key to steam key


I bought the game a long time ago. I wanted to download it recently but found out there no longer exists a non steam version. I recieved an email with a link to convert my key to a steam key, but that link no longer works.

How do I do that now?


Try this link:

You will need your username and email that you used on the old forums. You’ll also have to reset your password to login.

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It worked with this link. Thank you very much.

Thanks, that helped me a lot.

Is there a way to recover the username? I found the email I used and even managed to set a new password but I don’t know my username

Oh wow, maybe it’s “Wagster”… But now it says the password is incorrect, so maybe it isn’t. :frowning:

Have you been here yet? :slight_smile:

Your account name is indeed Wagster

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Nevermind. My new password seems to have worked. Hooray!

To whom it may concern in the future: I guess it takes a little while for the system to re-set your password, despite the e-mail and the activation link making it seem instant. So just be a little patient.

Hi Guys,
today I tried to convert my old key, but I get a Error Message: “The key you specified could not be activated: There are no available Steam keys in the database. An administrator has been messaged about the problem. Please try again later.”

Should I try later the day or will I get a key in another way?

That should have been fixed by now :slight_smile: whenever we get that message we fill up the keys bucket again.

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my key from 2013 does not work?