Corrupted Text

I am getting corrupted text in sandbox mode. Bore size and Stroke sizes are all unreadable. Final stats after dyno are also unreadable. As I attempt to design another engine, certain parts become readable, while other parts become corrupted. Most of the main Text, such as “Automation” are not affected. I am running 2gb of ram, 80 gb hd, amd radion 3100 graphics card. I can play most high resource games such as 18 wheels of steel, and train simulator 2012 fine. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, but it don’t help. I have tried to upload a jpg image, but image failed to upload for some reason… im trying everything I know to do… Anyone else having this?

Can you run dxdiag (Windows key + R, type in dxdiag, click ok.) Click save all information, and send me the .txt file it makes as an attachment to, with your username so I know who you are. Also a screenshot or 2 of the issue would really help.


Exact same issue on my older XP machine.

I have sent an e-mail with both dxdiag and screenshot.

Here’s the screenshot again, so other people know what greusome1 and I are talking about:

I’m having the same problem too but with all the text.

Jim, can you run the dx diag with the steps listed in my post above. That would really help, if yours matches the last 2 people who have done the same, and matches the common theme should make it a lot easier for us to fix.