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Corsica's 1993 Nissan 100 NX

We all remember the Nissan NX, right? A buzzing 2-liter SR engine, handling heralded as being comparable to the finest sports cars from the era and a targa-top, providing a breeze of wind in your hair during hot summer nights and a perfectly usable coupe during winter.

Well that’s not what this is. Because it’s a 1993 Nissan 100 NX 1.6! To be more specific, it’s a 1.6 SR - those two letters signify an added boost of NINE horsepower, up to a total of (when new) 102 and resulting in this bad boy speeding to 100 km/h (when new) in just 10.4 seconds. Oh it only gets better from here.

Because it’s a car and everyone enjoys laughing at others’ misfortunes, we must go over a few of the downsides with this magnificent hunk of engineering excellence and thankfully the list of faults/annoyances and things to work on isn’t long:

  • Door sills are fucked, partially fixed with packing tape
  • Fenders are rusting through
  • Scratches and paint chipping away, as is expected
  • Obviously, by that point the entire thing needs to be painted over
  • Rear window rubber sealing is disintegrating
  • Speedometer doesn’t work but is the only lit instrument
  • Front foglights are missing
  • Rear right-side taillight is faulty
  • Drivers side door hinges are worn out
  • 90’s aftermarket radio no workie
  • Lack of ABS, airbags and other “important” and “life-saving in event of a crash” sissy liberal safety features
  • Various missing handles in the interior
  • Interior armrest lid is broken. Still, it has an armrest!
  • Car doesn’t start with the handbrake pulled up
  • And worst of all, currently fitted with horrible, disgusting hubcaps

This is what we call a terrible idea.

So why am I willing to buy, repair and drive a rusting deathtrap with manual windows that appeals to nobody but me and ramthecowy?

  • Look at him

The current plan is to take it to a shop and figure out the condition of the frame, to see whether it’s salvagable or not - if not, the previous owner is going to continue driving it for as long as it passes the inspection. It should be noted that I do not know what an automobile is and that this isn’t meant to be a daily driver at first, though I assume that should’ve been clear by now.

A little bonus


Lovely. Exactly as slow quick and as “perfect” as my car, so I sympathise even more :wink: And quirkier! It’s always nice to see a quirky car being chosen.


That rear wheel offset is a crime against humanity.


i cant imagine why it doesnt start when the handbrake up, that has nothing to do with the engine

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The only thing I can think about, is that there is small amounts of electrics (for the warning light) involved with the handbrake, and that faulty ground somewhere can give very weird electrical troubles sometimes. Have you tried bypassing the warning light switch and seen if it starts then? If not, I am completely puzzled too.


Automation Mazda hatch body time


Nevermind, as it turns out there isn’t a single problem with the handbrake being up while starting the car, possibly just a misunderstanding of the last owner. With that problem sorted out, it’s a good thing I found out practically the entire electrical system is fucked. I won’t bore you with the details of every little switch that isn’t lit up or the panels which decide on the fly whether they want to work or not; I’ll just say that on the image below, every light (including the reverse lights and indicators) is switched on.

Certainly a fun discovery to be made while halfway through a 200km journey.