COTA GT Race series Closed For Now

open to the public.

Class 1 cars making 500+ HP weight unrestricted.
Class 2 cars making 300+HP weight no less then 2000 pounds
Class 3 cars making 200+ HP car must be a production car that has been race spec.
Dead line for entire is 6/18/16.
all cars will be check for engine outputs by class any car found to be out of spec will be throw out.
DM this forum to apply for the series.
for the track visit the track forum and download the coat track
Class you are entering:
Car name:
Car spec:
Displasment of engine:
Turbo or no turbo:
car body type:
Weight( Lb ):
Car file entire ( link or email to me):

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What sort of calculations will you be doing for this with regards to lap times?

I will run the cars and then average the times anyone with a time below the average will be placed them the rest will be ranked on there time.

Total cost for each category?

Open cost

Hang on, that will just mean we can all go +15 quality sliders…

I’m sorry, and I apologize if I came to rude in my comment, but your challange makes no sense so far :worried: With that little specification, you might as well just run a lapboard in that track.

You need to specify a little more, not just minimum HP.
The minimum you need to specify (and just minimum IMO)
Max total cost
minimum weight
Max hp per kg, or hp per liter, or just max hp. Alternatively you can instead specify maximum displacement instead of max power.
tires: material and max quality

You might as well put a link to the track. Also, what about mods? How the race will be calculated? Just lap times? Open beta or stable release?
You could limit the use of quality sliders if there is not max cost, but limit quality sliders (except in tires) is even worse idea.