Could somebody help me?

Here is my problem.

I’m currently making a 3d model of Alfa 164 (second model, which i’m making seriously). And i don’t know what to with that thing pointed out with red rectangle.
Could some more skilled 3d artist help me?

Here’s the picture:

no idea kubboz sorry. :slight_smile: but all the best with it.

Nevermind, i’ve just discovered it’s much easier without smooth. Now i’m trying to refine b pillar.

Nice work, is it for any game in paticular or just for fun?

Btw, when the game is out will you do any modding?.. I was hoping to make a mod, but judging by how the game is coming I think most of the stuff that can be improved will just be new content which requires graphics skills I dont have…

What software are you modeling with?

Also if you post at with the edges showing (or a wire frame) I can point out any problem areas

Neither. I’m doing this to refine my 3d skills. I want to be 3d artist in the future. I could help you with the graphic, but i don’t promise it will be good graphic.

I’m working with 3ds Max 2010.

Here are the new pictures, i’ve edited it yesterday. i’m still not proud with that area, now i see it’s still a bit bad., but it’s better than before. All of the pictures are in orthogonal viewport

looking at the grids i think they go a bit inwards above the rear tire slot, but the part coming from the roof doesnt => the bump where they meet.

but i havent even tried 3D arts myself…

Looks pretty good actually, perhaps try a bit harder to avoid triangles (try and keep it all as 4 sided polys) besides that, looks pretty damn tidy

It’s looking good so far.

It looks quite good.

I wonder how easy it would be to add new body parts to the game… Since they can be manipulated in game I imagine it might be quite complicated…

But once its released we can try to mod some into the game if you like. You handle the graphics, and I’ll handle the programming. :slight_smile:

We dont know how hard car parts will be yet as we have not designed the car designer.

Engine bits however, are fairly easy, you just have to make sure you export moving parts in the exact correct spot they need to be, otherwise you get cams that wobble etc.

We will probably release a guide when we eventually release some modding tools :slight_smile: